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Why offer Kindle books for free?

Why are some books available for free on Amazon? What are the advantages to the authors and publishers? After all don't they deserve to be paid for their work?

Welcome to Kindle free books.

This site offers a new Kindle ebook every day for FREE

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Hello Dear Browsers,

There’s some good reasons for authors and publishers to offer kindle free books

For promotional purposes, Free works.

This doesn’t mean books have to remain free but for a limited period of time they can be made available for free.

Take for example an established author with a back catalogue, by giving away one of these books for a limited time a new readership can be gained.

It’s simple really if your readers like the types of books your making then they will be more inclined to buy an author they have read and enjoyed than from a new author selling a priced book.

A new author can also take advantage of this as well because a free kindle book is also a way of getting your head above the parapet.

Established authors have to start somewhere and if you want to get noticed this is a simple way to advertise your book.

This can also be used when you create a series of books, a reader who has downloaded the first in a series and enjoyed it will be more inclined to taking the next in a series and these can be produced at a lower or full priced version.

A free kindle book is also a way to promote for publishers.

It can also be introduced for a very low price like the popular 0.20p range featuring on Amazon UK at the moment.

An older classic book or more recent book introduced free or at a low price can be a great way of re kindling or making readers aware of a particular author or genre that is not as fashionable or visible as they once were.

Safe House by Chris Ewan - 0.20p

Safe house by Chris Ewan is a current (at time of writing) example.
The book has been on the best seller list for weeks and leads readers to other works by the author by it's initial low or free price.

Books need not be  free forever, but a week, two weeks, a month?

What harm is it going to do to try?

Why offer Kindle books for free. The simple answer is books sell books

Of course you don’t need to own a kindle to read ebooks. You can download the free Kindle books on and read them on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, and other electronic devices by using the free software amazon provides.

If you are an author that currently has a book available for free on the Kindle then please leave a comment below with the title of the book and your author name. or follow kindle free books on twitter and @kindlefreebook with the title and authors name its all publicity for your hard work. You can also subscribe to Kindle Free Books emails on the right of the web site and get updated daily either by email or to your RSS reader. You can also follow Kindle Free Books on Twitter

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Why not look at the original website and find many more kindle free books available now

Why offer Kindle books for free?