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kindle activities for elderly readers

Have you noticed the bit of technology that spans the generations most easily is the kindle e reader.

The kindle is used far more by the elderly than laptops or desktop equivalents  

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Hello Dear Browsers,

It’s no surprise if you look around you these days in train or coach to see an elderly person with their heads in a kindle.

Only a year ago would have seen the same people pour forth scorn on such things.

Why would I want such a thing?

When I read a book I want to turn the pages not click a button.

Books are everywhere why would I want to buy an expensive gadget?

Why should I have to look at another screen, real books are easier to read..

Yes there’s more, but if like me you remember when dinosaurs roamed the earth then sometimes it gets hard to understand why things are replaced when they are a reasonable price and they already work well.

But the kindle and e readers in general have achieved this goal in a very short time.

The march of change usually wins the battle and it was soon the case that the third agers were beginning to take the kindle to heart

Helped by its low starting price the kindle began to show up as Christmas and birthday presents for older relatives.

This after all was an easy choice for the age group of people who had been reading from screens since the time they had learned to read.

But after the initial fear of having this shiny and probably complicated new thing that has to be understood is tried delight often ensued.

Most agree a backlit or paper white screen is actually pretty easy to read.

50 shades of Grey is really easy to read at a 50 point type face.

All your books are in one place.

Turning a page or finding the page you were reading when you put the book down is easy.

Did I mention FREE BOOKS.

O.K The traditional book is a thing of beauty and simplicity that is unlikely to end up only on dusty  museum shelves.

Art books or books that need pictures for example are often better than their digital equivalents, I think this is because digital devices are backlit and paintings never are.

Despite the current trend for the demise of the traditional book in favour of digital books every thing has a level that it can reach.

The printing press may after all survive, just because you own a kindle it won’t turn you to join a book burning mob.

You have choice and both will co exist happily with each other. 

If you are already in the twilight of your autumn I really urge you to give one of these devices a go.

They are much easier on your eyes when you can control the font size and brightness.

Now this is just my two cents but if you like reading buy one yourself or try a relative’s kindle you may well be converted.

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kindle activities for elderly readers