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Safe House by Chris Ewan - 0.20p

Sometimes hiding isn't your only option.  A nail-biter that reveals the Isle of Man to be a Heart of Darkness!

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Sometimes hiding isn't your only option.

Rob Hale is a plumber on the Isle of Man, called out to repair a boiler in a remote cottage by two mysterious looking men, and a more talkative young woman named Lena. The next day, he takes Lena on a motorcycle ride, which ends in a crash.

Waking up in hospital, Rob asks about the woman travelling with him, only to be told she doesn't exist. Rob is discharged from hospital, intent on finding out who the woman was, and how she disappeared. He is aided by Rebecca, a private investigator hired by Rob's parents to look into the suicide of his sister, just a weeks previously.

However, as they follow the clues and begin to uncover the mystery, Rob starts to wonder who Rebecca is really, and how she knew his sister.

Would a writer more well known for his humorous comedy crime capers, be able to tackle a serious thriller? Of course he would!

free books for kindleSafe House (fiction)
Chris Ewan (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

Chris Ewan has a refreshing way of writing, it's very real, clean, atmospheric and it's the best book I've read in a long time. I'm going to buy it for people for Christmas. .

Although I was concerned that a thriller set in the Isle of Man was a contradiction in terms, Safe House is a real page Turner and I didn't want to put it down.
This is an excellent change of direction for Chris Ewan following his Good Thief's Guide series. The Isle of Man provides a unique setting ,his protagonists are engaging,& the plot is more believable than most. There is plenty of pace, suspense,and surprising twists and turns. All in all an excellent read. I look forward to his next thriller. .

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Safe House by Chris Ewan download and review

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