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Ausperity: Live the Life You Want for Less by Lucy Tobin £0.99

If you still want to have a social life while counting the pennies, Lucy Tobin's extensive money-saving tips, tricks and ideas are perfect.

Ausperity: Live the Life You Want for Less by Lucy Tobin
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We're all feeling poor. Our wages mightn't have risen for a long time, but taxes, food, heating, clothes, pets, driving, kids, booze, leaving the house - and paying for the privilege of living there - certainly have. Life costs more - but that doesn't mean it has to become rubbish. No need for a hairshirt or holiday-less year: treats can stay on the agenda.

This book contains so many money-saving ideas and tips that together they'll knock thousands off the cost of living. It's less shiver-me-timbers-I-can't-afford-the-heating, more ten easy tips to slash your heating bill by a third.

Ausperity: Live the Life You Want for Less by Lucy TobinAusperity: Live the Life You Want for Less (fiction)
Lucy Tobin (Author)
customer reviews (Yes)
Print List Price: £7.99
Kindle Price: £0.99
You Save: £7.00 (88%)
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Reviews from Amazon:
 I bought a copy of Ausperity having read (and liked) a lot of Tobin's stuff in the US.

Quite a lot of people will probably already be aware of some of the strategies she describes in the book - but the key to getting more for your money (IMHO) is knowing them all/using them all together - and this book is the perfect guide to doing just that. I'd imagine a lot of people will read it through once and then keep it on the shelf as a reference.

Parallels with what Martin Lewis is doing are obvious but the MSE website can be a bit daunting and impersonal whereas Ausperity is well structured. It's also worth pointing out that Tobin is also more cunning than Lewis - and that = bigger savings.



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