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Police, Crime and 999 by John Donoghue £3.84 Download and review

The True Story of a Front Line Police Officer 

Police, Crime & 999 (Non Fiction)
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Ever wondered what really happens behind the scenes in the police?

What bizarre 999 calls are made to the emergency services?

Why can wearing two pairs of socks make you a suspect?

What is the link between police and vampires? 

Which Royal arrest never made news headlines? 

What covert sign do officers make when they no longer wish to talk to you? 

After successful careers in both the military and business, John Donoghue realised that the higher you get in any organisation, the less fun you have.

So, after handing back his expense account and company car, he joined the police in search of excitement and thrills... and discovered some surprising answers to these puzzling questions.

PC John Donoghue reveals all in his fascinating and hilarious true account of a year in the life of a front line response officer. Names and places have been changed to protect the guilty... but if you call the police, maybe, just maybe, it could be Police Constable John Donoghue turning up at your door.

This book will appeal to anyone interested in crime and police, as well as fans of autobiographies and humour. About the Author John Donoghue served as a commissioned officer in both the Royal Navy and British Army before a successful career as a consultant, advising on some of the country's highest security sites. In search of new adventure, John then joined the police where he is currently a serving officer.

 Police, Crime & 999 - The True Story of a Front Line Officer by John DonoghuePolice, Crime & 999 (Non Fiction)
John Donoghue (Author)
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Print List Price: £9.99  
Kindle Price: £3.84
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Reviews from Amazon:

 I read this book in two sittings - a train journey from Newcastle to London and back. On the return journey,I was afflicted by uncontrollable snorting due to some very very funny writing. Apart from the humour, I also really enjoyed the historical facts, for example the origins of phrases such as 'saved by the bell' which was fascinating (if it's true!) A fun read.
Having enjoyed John's first book, I bought "Police Crime and 999" and I was not disappointed. In fact this second book is even better, and a really good read. The stories are great, and all the better for being true. This is a book that you can read in short sections, making it ideal for commuter trips (as long as you are not embarrassed if you laugh out loud on a crowded bus or train!), or you can read it in one sitting if you have the luxury of that much time. A fun insight into modern policing in Britain. 
This book is a real classic. It's funny, addictive and insightful. The stories will make you laugh out loud and you will spend most of your time trying to read segments of the narrative to your nearest and dearest as it's too good not to pass on. A great book for anyone - you don't need to be intrigued by the workings of the police to love reading it but, if you are, there is plenty of juicy detail which is presented in an enjoyable and easy to read way. The wittiest yarn I have read for a very, very long time. 
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Police, Crime and 999 by John Donoghue kindle free books download and review

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