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Start a New Hobby for 2013

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Hello Dear Browsers,

Well 2012 is near it's end and the prospect of a few days away from work and the possibility of a bit of me time is a welcome thought.

This weeks article is about exploring your creative talents, whether active of latent a new way of thinking can bring about a little extra income and a bit of fulfilment at the same time.

2012 Let those creative juices flow with a new book for your kindle

Here is the first of a few of the most highly rated Kindle books on hobbies and creating.

Taste and travel
101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die by Ian Buxton
101 whiskys a hobby of tasting

It's not an awards list. It is not a list of the 101 'best' whiskies in the world in the opinion of a self-appointed whisky guru. It is simply a guide to the 101 whiskies that enthusiasts must seek out and try in order to complete their whisky education.
An eclectic selection of old favourites, stellar newcomers and mystifyingly unknown drams that simply have to be drunk. The book decodes the marketing hype and gets straight to the point. Try them before you die - Slainte!

Sewing and making Clothes
Me and My Sewing Machine by Kate Haxell 
sewing with a machine for beginners
 As a bloke with no sewing skills I found this book really good value. Not only does it tell and show you what things like seams and hems look like, but also how to set your 'generic' machine to sew them. It's a bit like a Haynes Manual.
If you need one book for someone buying or owning a sewing machine, this is it. Fancy techniques are no good unless the fundamentals are understood - the book excels at this.  
The Art of Homework for Grown-ups by E.Foley
Everything You Learnt at School and Promptly forgot.
Everything You Learnt at School and Promptly forgot. An obvious candidate to take to a desert island, along with Shakespeare and the Bible.
Don't be deceived into thinking this is one of those toilet 'list' reads or a bit of Christmas stocking nostalgia. Its a very useful book, covering some key subjects everybody should have a grounding in. It does this very well.

Creative Arts
The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques by Donna Kato
using polymer clay to make bead jewellry

In Venetian glassmaking, slender rods of molten glass are shaped, then cut to reveal amazingly detailed patterns: flowers, geometric shapes, dancing colors. These slices are called millefiori, “thousand flowers,” because they form a carpet of flowers when placed side by side.
Using Polymer clays this book explains how you can recreate this technique to make jewellery

Learn some new games
Bridge for Complete Beginners by Paul Mendelson
This book will help you to learn properly without other help and give you a solid foundation on which to start playing this absorbing game.
Work at your own pace
Understand the key basic principles
Learn about the Acol system of bidding
Discover how to play a hand, both as declarer and in defence.

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Start a New Hobby for 2013

You can subscribe to Kindle Free Books emails on the right of the web site and get updated daily either by email or to your RSS reader. You can also follow Kindle Free Books on Twitter

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