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Saturday Free Books 22nd Dec

Welcome to Kindle free books. Links to the best 5 Free books reviewed on the site for the last week.

free book dumb white husband
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The following books have all been advertised for free on Kindle books this week.

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This weeks Free books from Kindle free books

six geese a laying
FREE Six Geese a-Laying by Sophie Kinsella.
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(A Christmas Short Story) Six mothers-to-be in a suitably festive setting.

death cart free
FREE Death Cart by Susan Parry.
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The wonderful backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales. with deep characters and strong and twisting plot lines.

the hare and the gallows free
FREE The Hare and the Gallows Tree by L K Jay.
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How does a hare, a an old tree and a long dead witch connect to and affect a disgraced teacher?

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free book never buried
FREE Never Buried (Mystery) by Edie Claire
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Never Buried a Mystery by Edie Claire A funny, fast-paced, clever, and unusual mystery that will have readers clamouring  for more.

free book dumb white husband
FREE Dumb White Husband vs Santa (A Short Story) by Benjamin Wallace 
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Erik has planned the perfect Christmas for his family. The plan is foolproof, bulletproof and flame retardant. Nothing can undo the hours of planning and preparation. Nothing but odd-shaped packages, ill-timed fruitcakes and an errant neighbourhood Santa Claus.

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Saturday Best Free Books of the week

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