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Package Deal by Tasha Harrison

"This is the Brits abroad in all their glory. It made me laugh out loud."

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"This is the Brits abroad in all their glory. It made me laugh out loud." Simon Nye, creator of hit TV series Men Behaving Badly

At first glance, it seems to Mia that the occupants of the neighbouring apartments are a typical bunch of Brits abroad – loud, embarrassing, to be avoided. But then she wasn’t there to socialise with other holidaymakers. She had come to Kefalonia to pay someone a surprise visit.

Meanwhile, her neighbours, young lovers Jo and Nathan are looking forward to two weeks of sun, sea and sex, while bosom buddies Caz and Babs are leaving the kids behind to celebrate their divorces over as many ouzos as they can pack into a fortnight. Frank and Margaret are making one last attempt to salvage their forty-year marriage, while gay meditation guru Shantee has come to find serenity in solitude.

Lads-on-the-loose Craig and Steve are on a mission to bed as many babes as possible, while a miserable Simon is on his honeymoon – without his bride. And then there’s local heartthrob Dimitri, who will do whatever it takes to escape the very same paradise his guests have been dreaming of.

They each have a suitcase full of expectations, but after two weeks together, no one is who they first seemed to be, and no one’s holiday turns out quite how they imagined…

free books for kindlePackage Deal (fiction)
Tasha Harrison (Author)
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Print List Price: £3.01
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Reviews from Amazon: 

Imagine yourself arriving at your holiday destination (which you booked as a package deal) and realising that the motley bunch on the coach with you are to be your "neighbours" for the next week, like it or not. Such is the position that the book's hero, Mia, finds herself in when she opts to holiday solo in Kefalonia. 

It seems a strange thing to do - turn down the invitation of friends to join them on holiday, and to go somewhere completely different alone - but dentist Mia has a genuine motive, and one that fills her with anger, apprehension and bitterness. 

Things aren't helped when she is forced to live in close proximity with such characters as Caz and Babs - the overweight, Essex-girl forty-somethings who never say anything quietly; Craig and Steve - the football shirt "chav"-type duo who hope for great things in Greece; Margaret and Frank - the couple in their sixties who are on holiday celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary, before things start going awry; Simon - the jilted bridegroom who decides to go on his honeymoon to Kefalonia on his own and bore everyone with his woes; as well as Nath, Jo and Shantee - in which a very fiery love-triangle starts up. "Looking after" them all is the Greek Adonis Dmitri, travel-rep Nikki, and Marie the nurse - whose services are required more than once.

It's a story which is humorous, compelling, cringe worthy and tragic as one by one it becomes apparent that each individual has an "issue" of some kind - some of these only being taken seriously after dramatic events. The characters are easy to engage with - I personally couldn't abide Caz and Babs, nor Craig and squint-teeth Steve, but yet felt huge sympathy for the annoying Simon and the trying-so-hard Frank.

Very well written Tasha! 


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Package Deal by Tasha Harrison £3.01 download and review

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