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In the Land of the Long White Cloud by Sarah Lark

Set against the backdrop of colonial nineteenth-century New Zealand, a saga of friendship, romance, and unforgettable adventure.

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Helen Davenport, governess for a wealthy London household, longs for a family of her own—but nearing her late twenties, she knows her prospects are dim. Then she spots an advertisement seeking young women to marry New Zealand’s honorable bachelors and begins an affectionate correspondence with a gentleman farmer. When her church offers to pay her travels under an unusual arrangement, she jumps at the opportunity.

Meanwhile, not far away in Wales, beautiful and daring Gwyneira Silkham, daughter of a wealthy sheep breeder, is bored with high society. But when a mysterious New Zealand baron deals her father an unlucky blackjack hand, Gwyn’s hand in marriage is suddenly on the table. Her family is outraged, but Gwyn is thrilled to escape the life laid out for her.

The two women meet on the ship to Christchurch - Helen travelling in steerage, Gwyn first class - and become unlikely friends. When their new husbands turn out to be very different than expected, the women must help one another find the life and love they’d hoped for.

Set against the backdrop of colonial nineteenth-century New Zealand, In the Land of the Long White Cloud is a soaring saga of friendship, romance, and unforgettable adventure.

free books for kindleIn the Land of the Long White Cloud (fiction)
Sarah Lark (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

I did not think I was going to enjoy this and I didn't I really loved it.

I was a little put off when it arrived by the sheer size and volume of pages - 815 pages....

I have taken one star off just because I felt some things could never have happened I don't think you would find a sheep herding collie in the drawing room of a grand house being kept as a pet in 1852. That apart it is such a good read that you can forgive the occassional inaccuracies - well I could.

Helen Davenport wants a husband - in her late twenties and working as a governess she sees her hopes of being married slipping away - so after seeing an adertisment advertising for young women to marry church going New Zealanders sets up a correspondence with a gentleman farmer.

She duly sets sail on the Dubliner to her fate - and the story develops from there she forms a unlikely friendship on board with Gwyneira Silkham whose life is so far removed from Helen's. Against the odds they form a strong friendship which was to last all their life. A really good story from start
to finish. 

I agree with the other reviewers that this book was not particularly accurate with facts about English life at the time. The most irritating thing about this book is the poor grammar and Americanisms sprinkled throughout. Words are constantly used that were not in common use in the 1800s.

That said, although it was a tad predictable in its plot, I enjoyed the descriptions of early settlements in NZ and the boat journey from England. The character, James MacKenzie, is loosely based on a real person and what happened to him. This book is still a good, easy read.

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In the Land of the Long White Cloud by Sarah Lark download and review

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