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Kindle Audio and the Text to Speech function

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Kindle Audio and the Text to Speech function.

Whether you are visually impaired or not, many people like the idea of being read to.

With the kindle, you can listen to the spoken word by choosing an audible version of over 60,000 books available in this format.

However, you do not need to do this if you just wish to hear text read out loud.

You can use the text to speak option to hear the pages of any e book read to you, without having to download a special version of anything or any special software.

Text To Speech (TTS) is a computer programme that simply recognises the words on a page and reads them and is a flat computer generated voice the same as you would hear with a Satnav.

According to the RNIB, many visually impaired people like this option because it is similar to the reading experience.

It enables the listener to use his or her own thoughts and imagination rather than hearing an artistic interpretation of the work - as with an audible book.

Enabling the Text To Speech (TTS) program on your Kindle.

On the more recent Kindle models such as the touch screen and five way controller model  the TTS option is easy to locate and all you have to do is turn it on.

Press the Text key. This is on the right hand side of the space bar.

Use the 5-way controller to navigate options and ensure that the "Text-to-Speech" option is underlined.

Then press the 5-way to select "turn on".

All text will then be spoken content and you can listen with headphones or plug in external speakers.

You can choose between a male or female voice.
With the older versions of kindle, such as the keyboard models with wifi or wifi and 3G, this option is not so obvious to find but it is there.

First open a page of text such as an ebook.

Then Press the Aa button that is next to the space bar.

You will get a series of options allowing you to choose your text size and font and the text to speech option is included with these choices.

Just click on this option and the function will be activated and begin reading.

You can move your cursor to highlight where you would like to begin. You can also slow the delivery or speed it up, It is up to you.

Bear in mind that the text to speech option does not show if you try to this without already having a page of text open.

If you press the Aa from the home page without this, you will simply be met with choices of viewing layouts.

The Voice Guide

There is also a voice guide feature on some keyboard kindles. This is not the text to speech reader.
This function helps you navigate your kindle content, gives you the page number and title of the book etc.

You can find this option via the settings page.

Go to menu, settings and just switch on the voice guide by underlining the command in the usual way.

Kindle Audio and the Text to Speech function.

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