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The Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer kindle free books

A tale of espionage, intrigue and suspense at the very highest echelons of power.

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Former MP and prospective Mayor of London Jeffrey Archer's latest offering is an ambitious international thriller of expansive scope, a tale of espionage, intrigue and suspense at the very highest echelons of power. Archer wastes no time diving into his roller coaster of a plot; we are introduced to our hero, Connor Fitzgerald, "the CIA's most deadly weapon", as he completes his mission--to assassinate a presidential candidate in Colombia. The far-reaching consequences of his act are not immediately apparent as he makes his way back to a loving wife and daughter and his life of "normality"--as far as they are concerned he is an insurance specialist--but in his inimitable style, Archer drives the plot along at speed, never lingering for longer than necessary as we are introduced to a succession of characters of great stature, ranging from the President of the United States to his headstrong CIA director and a new, extremist president in Russia. As the plot develops, Connor becomes ensnared in a political intrigue which will see him have to draw on all his wits and resourcefulness as he struggles for self-preservation and the safety of the free world as we know it.

One might assume that, given Archer's proximity to genuine political power for much of his life, he would be in a position to bring a greater realism to his story of high-stakes political manoeuvring than other authors without his experience. He certainly encourages this belief on his page of acknowledgements, which includes a former director of the CIA and FBI and a U.S. National Security Advisor. However, readers anticipating evidence of any great insight into this world should prepare to be disappointed--this is not where the strength of the book lies, although there are some nice touches, and a certain suspension of disbelief is necessary to get the best out of it. Mind you, one doesn't doubt that Archer's eleventh commandment, "Thou shalt not be caught", is a maxim many politicians and power-brokers, himself included, have lived their lives by. Where he does succeed, though, is in story-telling, with a relentless plot and the creation of a sympathetic, if barely plausible, central character capable of drawing readers in and carrying them, thrill-a-minute, to a dramatic, surprising and ultimately satisfying conclusion. - Alisdair Bowles

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The Eleventh Commandment (fiction)
Jeffrey Archer (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
When you read this book, do it on a weekend or on holiday. That is, if you need your sleep before a working day. Because this fantastic tale will keep you spellbound from the moment you start the first chapter until you finish the last page.

The story about CIA secret agent Connor Fitzgerald, a totally brave and honourable man, and his last assignment, is truly captivating. From Colombia to Washington and Moscow, via Finland, Switzerland, South Africa to Australia. The CIA, The Oval Office, The Kremlin, the Russian Mafia. Even bits from Vietnam thrown in.

Reviewers have found it unlikely that the CIA would spend such time and resources in order to try and assassinate a top world leader. Probably quite true. But this is fiction, and a tale so expertly woven and told that it does not matter. It all sounds actually plausible, the twists and turns and surprises around every bend of that winding road.

I have always found stories taking place in Russia tending to be a bit drab. Very wrong of me, I know. And anyway, here I'm getting thoroughly and rightly converted. What takes place in Russia is among the most breathtaking and captivating in the whole story.

A masterpiece of a book, which has got it all. A great story about politics, suspense, desception, greed, heroism, love. Told by the greatest storyteller of our times.
I read this book in three days and could hardly put it down. I have become interested lately in CIA and spy novels, and this book did not disappoint me in any way, in spite of what a couple reviewers below have said about it. What I loved MOST about this book is that you don't expect a CIA assassin to be a truly honourable man, as was this main character. It was really interesting how the author immediately pulls you into the assassin's mind and gets you right on his side.

The reviewers below comment on the plot being implausible--that the CIA would not go around like this assassinating world leaders. I don't think this comment is important. In any novel, we must "suspend our disbelief," and this novel is no different. The more pertinent question in this novel is "What if?" I personally thought it was one of the best plots I have ever read, and I really enjoyed how the characters were one-upping each other. I was really surprised by the twists and turns of the plot as it progressed. And I liked being surprised. An EXCELLENT read.

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The Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer kindle free books download and review

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