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The Dark Threads by Jean Davison kindle free books

A vivid memoir of one young woman's psychiatric treatment in the Sixties which raises questions, that are still relevant today.

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Teenage life in the swinging sixties, hanging out in coffee bars talking fashion and pop music, who could wish for more? But in August 1968, growing pains started to kick hard for 18-year-old office worker Jean Davison and adolescent idealism quickly turns to angst and emptiness.

With her home life in chaos, Jean turns to a psychiatrist hoping for a sensible adult to talk to. That’s where her problems really begin: a week’s voluntary psychiatric rest is the start of one long nightmare of drugs, electric shock treatment and abuse which turn her into a zombie.

Losing five years of her young life to the mental health system, Jean finally finds the courage to say “no” to drugs and turns her life around, finds love and returns to the mental health service as a worker.

free books for kindleThe Dark Threads (fiction)
Jean Davison (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
Balancing quotes from case number 10826, her actual case notes which reveal a diagnosis of chronic schizophrenia, with her own account of interviews with doctors, this memoir raises disturbing questions on the treatment of psychiatric patients, which are still relevant today

Jean Davison, was born in 1950 into a working class family in Yorkshire She left school at 15 to work in a factory. After leaving the psychiatric system she returned to education to study for GCEs. She has worked as a secretary for the NSPCC and within the health service. In 1979 she met Ian who she later married. She later graduated from university with a first-class degree in literature and psychology. Still living in Yorkshire with Ian, she now works in mental health. The Dark Threads is her first book.

This was a very interesting read - provoked all my emotions, I was near to tears in a lot of places, & at the end of the book I felt so angry that someone could have been treated so arrogantly by so called members of the medical profession. What a courageous young woman to eventually come through such horrors. Certainly provokes the question how many more didn't survive, & are still zombies to this day because of the barbaric way they were unnecessarily treated because "They" knew best. Still makes me angry thinking about this while typing.
I highly recommend The Dark Threads. It's an extremely interesting and thought provoking book. Jean Davison has tackled a complex and difficult subject very competently and sensitively and she writes very engagingly with insight and humour. I found the book very painful and harrowing to read in places but at the same time found it hard to put down. The Dark Threads is an absorbing and compelling read. I found some of the accounts of how psychiatry was practised in the l970s and l980s very disturbing indeed. Jean Davison has written a brilliant book; it is essential reading for anyone working in the mental health field and though not an easy read it's a book that stays in the mind.

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The Dark Threads by Jean Davison kindle free books download and review

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