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Touched by Angels by Peggy Webb kindle free books

Sarah hadn't counted on Jenny escaping her vigilance and racing in front of Jake Townsend's motorcycle.

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Single mom Sarah Love is determined to make a fresh start in Alabama for herself and Jenny. Born special, Jenny struggles to do the things other four-year-olds take for granted.

Sarah hadn't counted on Jenny escaping her vigilance and racing in front of Jake Townsend's motorcycle.

And she certainly hadn't counted on falling for the sexy, complex daredevil who nearly wrecked his bike to save her child. Nor had Jake, who had lost his own child, expected to find himself drawn into the lives of a courageous mother and her stubborn, endearing daughter.

Could Sarah and Jenny be his second chance? Could he be the hero Sarah and Jenny believe him to be? The sequel to this book is A Prince for Jenny. 

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Touched by Angels (fiction)
Peggy Webb (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
Sarah Love and her daughter Jenny have moved to a dilapidated house on the edge of town. Sarah was going to make a new life for her and Her daughter. Jenny's father had left soon after her birth, he could not cope with Jenny, she is a special needs child. But Sarah loved jenny above all else, the doctors had said she would never walk or talk, but Jenny had defied them all by doing both.

Jake Townsend is a prominent business man in the town, he has a tortured back story, he merely exists now, never to live life to the full again. He rides his motorcycle too fast, he skydives but doesn't open his parachute until the last moment constantly taunting death. 

The first time he meets Jenny Love is when he nearly runs her down with his motorcycle, four year old Jenny takes his breath away her blue eyes remind him of another pair, that he once loved. Sarah Love is grateful to him for finding Jenny, he is drawn to this woman and her child, and although he has told himself has no heart any more he finds he cannot stay away from them.

This is a very sentimental love story, Sarah and her daughter Jenny are starting a new life, Sarah has learnt that she can only rely on herself. That is until Jake enters their lives, she can see he is wounded emotionally she feels drawn to him in spite of that. Jake tries not to care about Sarah and Jenny, but without him realising it they are gradually healing his heart.
Wow, this book blew me away. The central character is Jenny Love a 4 year old, who happens to have special needs. Jenny oblivious to danger, escapes the safety of her garden and encounters the local wild guy Jake Townsend who is speeding on his motorbike. 

The two lives become entwined as the moment he sees her, Jake isn't the same guy, he's drawn to Jenny and she helps him to peel away some of the layers that guard his dormant heart. Jake's also attracted to Jenny's Mum - Sarah Love. 

This is one hell of a powerful love story and the struggle to deal with emotional baggage that everyone accumulates but none more so than Sarah and Jake. There are some laughs with this book but I also shed a few tears. Slightly predicable happy ending but the journey to that point is an emotional roller coaster - download and read it now otherwise you're missing out.
This is a true tender love story where the girl gets her man and the man gets his girl. It's a beautiful story a bit of escapism does everyone good. I would highly recommend this book it's lovely. .

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Touched by Angels by Peggy Webb kindle free books download and review

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