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kindle free books Three Feet of Sky by Stephen Ayres

If humanity created an afterlife, would you be accepted?

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If humanity created an afterlife, would you be accepted?
Adam Eden confronts a world of predatory psychopaths, an annoying concierge, and a naked neighbour ... with a peculiar talent.

After years of destitution, Adam Eden's life is finally on the up. But, whilst out celebrating his recent good fortune, Adam unwittingly chooses death over embarrassment.

Awaking in a future of leisure, luxury, and immortality, Adam suffers serious shrinkage and is branded an 'undesirable'. Shunned by family and neighbours for his first-life sins, can he find respect and redemption in this tightly controlled world? Facing a grim eternity, Adam wants out.

A randomly chosen day trip changes everything.
Though cruel and heartless, they always let you choose your weapon.

free books for kindleThree Feet of Sky (fiction)
Stephen Ayres  (Author
customer reviews (Yes)
Print List Price: £1.53
Kindle Price: £1.53
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Reviews from Amazon:
This is an unusual book, and well worth a read.
Be warned, there is a lot of violence in this book, and some of it is pretty sick. Having said that, it is well written and funny, as well as thought provoking. A real page-turner.

I think the last time I laughed out loud at a character being brutally murdered was in Ian Bank's The Wasp Factory, and if you've read that then the tone of Three Feet of Sky is similar.
I look forward to more from this author.
If only I could buy shares in this writer! A great read, akin to finding a masterpiece in the car boot sale. So glorious that I'm inspired to write this my first ever review, without a keyboard or touch! Truly an act of dogged perseverance worthy of Copa the hero of this scintillating read. The downside? WAITING FOR BOOK TWO
While I am not usually one for reviews, I just had to praise this unexpectedly good book. I searched for science fiction afterlife, and found "Three Feet Of Sky". Dark, violent, yet very witty, and the scifi elements sit quietly in the background.

The characters are very entertaining - the 'naked neighbour with a peculiar talent' mentioned in the Product Description is a favourite. Adam Eden, the protagonist, seems ordinary at first, but his progression through the book takes a shocking unexpected turn.

I have never read anything quite like "Three Feet Of Sky", but it kept me pressing the next page button.

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Three Feet of Sky: Book One by Stephen Ayres kindle free books download and review

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