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Bringing Down The Krays by Bobby Teale kindle free books

Bringing Down The Krays is the last great untold story of Britain's most infamous crime family.

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'I was now very aware of Ronnie's "dreaded list". The list contained the names of people he wanted to kill; that he was going to kill. As soon as I saw it, I knew something had to be done.

The Krays were out of control. They had the East End buttoned up too tight and someone had to undo it. Slowly, I realised that someone had to be me...'Bobby Teale and his brothers, David and Alfie, were the three men the Kray twins trusted most.

They weren't in the Firm, they were closer than that. They were old family friends, confidants, companions...But then things changed.

Witnessing Ronnie and Reggie become increasingly psychotic - taking murder, torture and rape to sickening new levels - Bobby knew he had to take action. Unknown to his brothers, he became a police informer; risking not just his own life but those of the people dearest to him too.

Using the codename 'Phillips', he was forced to live on his wits, feeding back information to Scotland Yard. With bent cops on their side the Krays knew they had a grass in their midst, but before they could flush him out, Bobby's evidence saw the gangsters get locked up for life.Bobby fled the country, but now 40 years on he's back.

And he wants to set the record straight. With the help of his brothers, the man brave enough to stand up to the Krays has rewritten history as we know it; dispelling the myths and tearing apart the gangsters' glamorous veneer to reveal the true, sadistic nature of Ronnie and Reggie.

Crammed full of explosive, new revelations, Bringing Down The Krays is the last great untold story of Britain's most infamous crime family.

free books for kindle
Bringing Down The Krays (fiction) 
Bobby Teale  (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
Some new stories / accusations here but a few mistakes perhaps cast doubt on them. They tell us not to believe the story of Freddie Foreman murdering Frank Mitchell but Foreman has fully admitted it. 

They tell us of the torture and murder of Firm member Frost but he appeared alive and well a few years ago. An interesting book and well worth a read but they should have checked a few glaringly obvious mistakes as it casts doubt on other revelations.... 

and there are plenty of those. After loads of Kray books repeating the same stories here are new ones.
A book about thugs, crooked coppers and coppers who gave up, this blows the myth of the Krays being some sort of heroes amongst criminals, sure, they had the East End of London in an iron grip, every club they wanted, in fact anything they wanted they took, no one would speak out against them, so much so they appeared untouchable.

But, events turned sour for them after the shooting in the Blind Beggar pub.
Buy and read this book, you will not be disappointed!
Coming from Bermondsey we had to deal with the Richardsons here in South London and they were lovely villains compared to the Krays, loved this book read it in just 5 days fully recommend it to anyone interested in gangsters.

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Bringing Down The Krays by Bobby Teale  kindle free books download and review

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