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Shakespeare's Cuthbert, Patrick Barrett - kindle free books £0.77

Riotous laugh-a-paragraph farce that will delight members of amateur dramatic societies everywhere

Shakespeare's Cuthbert by Patrick Barrett
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At the heart of this riotous laugh-a-paragraph farce that will delight members of amateur dramatic societies everywhere, lies a forgotten village in a remote valley where the 'real valley folk' live, including Cuthbert, the village undertaker, impresario of the shambolic annual theatre production, and holy fool;

Margery, the local beauty and mother of the Mafia twins whose constant creative disruption provides a reliable source of hazard and misadventure; the anonymous milkman whose flashing teeth can fell a woman at fifty paces;

Percy the gardener whose still waters run curiously if not necessarily deep; and the regulars at the Mandrake Arms who drink to remember, drink to forget as plots and plans flourish in their midst.

Suddenly into this by-water of rural oblivion bursts a band of newcomers who have taken up residence of the seigneurial Mandrake Hall – Henry, a prominent media reporter and his daughter who is more horse than her horse; Henry's brother, Ronald, an adventurer, a mercenary and a sometime crook; and the unreconstructed Captain and his much put-upon wife Elspeth.

What are these rank and unlikely outsiders doing in these obscure parts and what are they looking for as they vigorously comb the village and the extensive network of tunnels built beneath it?

One clue is the persistent legend that the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, was once employed as a tutor up at the Hall (thus the annual village play) and that there might still be fragments of his early work – a fumbling politically-incorrect piece – waiting to be discovered.

Fame and fortune may follow, but corpses will be dug up first.

Shakespeare's Cuthbert by Patrick Barrett
Shakespeare's Cuthbert (fiction)
Patrick Barrett (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

am serious...this book should come with a health warning. Do not read Shakespeare's Cuthbert if recovering from recent surgery...ensuing laughter will break your stitches. Do not read while drinking any beverages, your Kindle will be at risk from splattered fluids as you splutter with uncontrolled mirth. 

Do not read while travelling on the London will laugh out loud many times and will be avoided by the other passengers. Actually, that sounds a good idea and one way to guarantee a seat... In other words this is a very funny book indeed, hitting the floor running from page one....

Written by an author with a fine way with words and a rollicking sense of the absurd in so called everyday life. The larger than life characters are still believable as are the situations they find themselves in due to Mr Barrett's keen observation skills. 

I will not compare Mr Barrett to any other comic writer...he is unique. Do your brain a favour and treat it to daily doses of Shakespeare's Cuthbert...laughter is a great medicine!
This type of book is not my normal fare, not being YA, fantasy, or paranormal, but, I have to say, I loved it. Set in 'the valley', Shakespeare's Cuthbert follows the life of farmer and local undertaker, Cuthbert; he's not 'real valley folk', he's a bit dim and a true accidental hero, and he is really fun to read. 

The book is quite long and densely packed with chortles and asides (a la Terry Pratchet, only not at the bottom of the page) - be warned, until you get used to this, you may get a little lost as the story delves into an anecdote without warning, but it's normally worth the delve. 

All the valley characters are as engaging as they are odd from Geraldine the somewhat cracked archaeologist to Percy 'the gardener', who seems to have a lot of strings to his rather bent bow. And close to my heart are the twins, they have no non-collective names, they are the valley mafia and ruthless, plus they like large bangs :). 

 At times this book made me smile, at others snigger and at others laugh so hard I had people coming in to see what I was laughing about. The best bits are the jokes that creep up on you and take you by surprise - all I will finish with is to say 'ninja sheep'. :D

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Shakespeare's Cuthbert by Patrick Barrett kindle free books download and review

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