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Flings and Arrows by Debbie Viggiano - kindle free books

Will Cupids arrow strike again and, more importantly, strike correctly?  

Flings and Arrows by Debbie Viggiano
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Steph Garvey has been married to husband Si for 24 years.  Steph thought they were soulmates.  Until recently.  Surely one’s soulmate shouldn’t put Chelsea FC before her?  Or boycott caressing her to fondle the remote control?  Fed up, Steph uses her Tesco staff discount to buy a laptop.  Her friends all talk about Facebook.  It’s time to get networking.

Si is worried about middle-age spread and money.  Being a self-employed plumber isn’t easy in recession.  He’s also aware things aren’t right with Steph.  But Si has forgotten the art of romance.  Although these days Steph prefers cuddling her laptop to him. Then Si’s luck changes work wise.  A mate invites Si to partner up on a pub refurbishment contract.

Son Tom has finished Sixth Form.  Tom knows where he’s going regarding a career.  He’s not quite so sure where he’s going regarding women and lurches from one frantic love affair to the next.

Widowed neighbour June adores the Garveys as if her own kin.  And although 70, she’s still up for romance.  June thinks she’s struck gold when she meets salsa squeeze Harry.  He has a big house and bigger pension – key factors when you’ve survived a winter using your dog as a hot water bottle.  June is vaguely aware that she’s attracted the attention of fellow dog walker Arnold, but her eyes are firmly on Harry as ‘the catch’.

But then Cupid’s arrow misfires causing madness and mayhem.  Steph rekindles a childhood crush with Barry Hastings; Si unwittingly finds himself being seduced by barmaid Dawn; June discovers Harry is more than hot to trot; and Tom's latest strumpet impacts on all of them. Will Cupids arrow strike again and, more importantly, strike correctly?

There's only one way to find out....

Flings and Arrows by Debbie ViggianoFlings and Arrows (fiction)
Debbie Viggiano (Author)
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Print List Price: £9.99
Kindle Price: £1.53
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Reviews from Amazon:

I bought this ebook and have literally not been able to put it down! Read it in 24 hours straight, absolutely great! I recommend this to anyone (and everyone!) who loves light-hearted romance and entertainment! Mrs Viggiano, you have written an absolute gem!

This book follows the romantic lives of widowed June and her neighbours - Si and Steph Garvey and their teenager son Tom. It would seem the only one having any fun is Tom. June is desperate to find somebody and is over the moon when she partners up with pensioner Harry at a local salsa class. Si and Steph's marriage has clearly gone stale and both appear to be heading for a mid-life crisis. Tom is a walking hormone gland and drives his parents barmy with unsuitable females. 

And then through a series of unfortunate events (won't spoil it by saying what happens) everybody ends up with their romantic stories intertwining with misunderstandings and havoc that had me both laughing out loud - not ideal when your on the train to work with a load of miserable commuters! This is easy light-hearted uplifting reading with short-and-sweet chapters (but lots of them) which are great for sneaking into coffee breaks, commuting time, bedtime reading...although the author is very clever and manages to combine the ending of a chapter with making you want to read the next one AND because the chapters aren't too long the reader falls into the trap of thinking, 'Just one more chapter.' And before you know it you've stayed up half the night reading when you should have put the light out!  
I must say I loved Stockings and Cellulite and this new book just confirmed she's great!! Fantastic and amusing story, I read it in less than one day, I just loved all the comic scenes, the characters, everything. Very well done Debbie!! I am waiting for the next one! Encore! 

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Flings and Arrows by Debbie Viggiano kindle free books download and review

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