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Smiley's Smileys People by John le Carré £4.99 download and review

Smiley is brought back once again from retirement to fight against his old enemy. A fight both personal and patriotic.
Smileys People by John le Carré

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For readers new to le Carre (and there can't be many) this is the third of what has become known as the "karla series".

The previous two being "tinker,tailor,soldier, spy" and the herioc and romantic "honorable schoolboy"(highly reccomended too).

The third sees much of the same cast collected again.

You meet clever and dodgy Toby Esterhazy, the valient and niave Peter Guillam,a forgoten Russian General, an intelligence pimp, a collection of 2 dimensional whitehall twits as a foil.

And as always a most humane cast of extras.The most humane being the conscience wracked George Smiley himself.

Smiley is brought back once again from retirement to fight against his old enemy. A fight both personal and patriotic.

Le Carre is another world of thriller writers you should read all three but this one is one of the best you will ever read.

Smiley's People by John le CarréSmiley's People (fiction)
John le Carré (Author)
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Print List Price: £8.99
Kindle Price: £4.99
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You Save: £4.00 (44%)
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Reviews from Amazon:

'Smiley's People has all the le Carré touches` (Sunday Telegraph )
'An enormously skilled and satisfying work' (Newsweek )
'An achievement of subtlety and power of which few novelists would be capable. It is the best single thing le Carr has done' (Financial Times )
Newsweek ‘An enormously skilled and satisfying work’
To my mind "Smiley's people" is the quint-essentially English spy novel. It has a fascinating many-stranded story that slowly builds into something special.

The story focuses on George Smiley (The main character from "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy") as he tries to track down his old nemesis - the Russian spy-master Karla. But we meet many interesting characters, and visit many diverse locations on the way.

In this book, we are as far removed from James Bond fantasy as it's possible to get. (Think of be-spectacled men in grey suits drinking tea and pouring over dusty old Whitehall files - and you'll have more of the right idea).

Does this mean that it's dull and boring then? Far from it:- 

It is a brilliantly written mixture of detective investigation, espionage, and character study which builds slowly but surely to a wonderfully understated yet perfect conclusion.

If you're a fan of the genre (or even just of a good book) - don't miss it.
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Smiley's People by John le Carré kindle free books download and review

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