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Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz £3.59 - Download and review

Once stung, twice as deadly. Alex Rider wants revenge.
Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz

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Still reeling from the terrible discovery he has made about his father, teenage MI6 superspy, Alex Rider, is determined to find out more.

Travelling to Italy, he manages to infiltrate the glamorous world of Claudia Rothman, beautiful society hostess and member of the international criminal organization, Scorpia.

She reveals that Alex's father was murdered by MI6, in an operation masterminded by Head of Special Operations, Mrs Jones. Shocked and angry, Alex faces a choice: to continue to work with the British security services, or to become an agent for Scorpia, and get revenge.

About the Author

Anthony Horowitz is the creator of the phenomenal Alex Rider books and the best selling Power of Five series and was recently voted the 2007 BA/Nielsen Author of the Year.

He won the 2006 British Book Awards Children's Book of the Year for Ark Angel and the 2003 Red House Children's Book of the Year Award for Skeleton Key.

Anthony, who wrote the script for the Alex Rider movie Storm breaker, also writes extensively for TV, with credits including Midsomer Murders and Foyle's War. He lives in London.

Scorpia by Anthony HorowitzScorpia (fiction)
Anthony Horowitz (Author)
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Print List Price: £6.99
Kindle Price: £3.59
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Reviews from Amazon:

Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz is a brilliant book! I was anticipating a really good book because the last four have been awesome but this book blew me away. It is a masterpiece. I think you can compare it the James Bond series because its every teenager’s spy fantasy. 

It’s not fair because it makes the reader instantly want to become a Secret Agent but as if that’s ever going to happen! It’s pure-class and is action packed. I read it all in one sitting because I became so engrossed in it, from the very first word I was totally absorbed into Alex Rider’s dangerous world. 

I don’t want to give any of the story away because it would spoil the entire book but all I can really say is Alex finds out about his family and there is a HUGE surprise at the ending. Alex Rider is all teenage girls ultimate dream, he is cute, brave and a spy for MI6! 

Unfortunately he doesn’t lead a normal life because he is always in danger! In this book Alex finds himself questioning who his father was and what he was like. He discovered in the last book that the answer was in Venice. He was told ‘Go to Venice. Find Scorpia. 

And you will find your destiny…’ Whilst trying to find out who he is, he stumbles on Scorpia’s plan to destroy the world but this time he doesn’t know whether to join the baddies or the goodies. In fact he doesn’t know which side is which! Alex doesn’t know whether to trust Scorpia or MI6. Who is the one looking out for him?

The ending is sort of a cliffhanger because something very crucial happens. BUT unless Horowitz decides to write another book then it could be seen as a GREAT BIG SHOCKER. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I will cry if Horowitz doesn’t continue the series. It is longer than the other books but I read it all in one go. I am so sad! 

It is meant for older readers, perhaps 13 and above, because it is slightly violent but even then its still great fun. Horowitz has taken MI6 to a whole new level!
I bought this book yesterday afternoon and did not put it down until the early hours of this morning. It is fast paced, exciting and keeps you dying to know what will happen next.

For those who have read the previous four books in the Alex Rider series this book certainly will not disappoint you! It continues the story of 14-year-old Alex and his search for the truth behind the death of his parents and his work for MI6 as an under age spy. 

In this instalment Alex travels to Italy to find Scorpia, which turns out to be an international crime syndicate that his father seems to have been involved with. Alex is offered a job working for Scorpia, however his first job is to kill a member of MI6. There is also a plan to destabilize the world by destroying the friendship between America and Britain, which involves a lot of children potentially being killed. Alex, as usual endeavours to save the day.

The book continues the tongue in cheek references to James Bond and Horowitz writes with his usual humour as well as having his finger accurately on the pulse of what kids today think is cool.

The only sad part of this book is that the ending suggests that this may be the last instalment of the Alex Rider stories, which is a great shame as they are thoroughly enjoyable and exciting books. I felt really disappointed at the end not with the book, which was excellent, but at the thought that there may not be another to look forward to.
Having not really liked the Alex Rider series much except for the first book, I was weary about this instalment. But I decided to buy it - and thank goodness I did. I have never read a better Anthony Horowitz book, or such an action packed book. It tells of fourteen year old Alex Rider who, having discovered the disturbing truth about his father, is on a school trip to Italy when things take their turn. 

He knows a little about Scorpia but he sees the symbol on a boat and follows it. Later that evening he sees the passenger on the boat going to a party. He disguises himself and finds himself coming face to face with a live tiger! Full of twists and turns this is a roller coaster that everyone can enjoy!
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Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz kindle free books download and review

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