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FREE: The Wizard of Time by G.L. Breedon Download and Review

When dreams become reality and Thirteen-year-old Gabriel Salvador knows it's only a matter of  time.

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Thirteen-year-old Gabriel Salvador has dreams about the future and his dreams always come true.

When he dreams one night that he will drown, he knows upon waking it is only a matter of time before his dream becomes reality.

Plucked from the time line of history at the moment of his death, Gabriel becomes an apprentice time mage and part of an elite team of wizards who travel throughout history to fight the War of Time and Magic.

Victorian London, the Aztec temples of 1487, the Greek island of Samos in 320 BC, Scotland in the Middle Ages, and the battle fields of Alexander the Great are only some of the adventures in time that await Gabriel as he learns to become a time mage and joins the battle to protect the time.

line of history in THE WIZARD OF TIME. THE WIZARD OF TIME is approximately 101,000 words long.  

The Wizard of Time by G.L. BreedonThe Wizard of Time (fiction)
G.L. Breedon (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:  

Adored this story! It was brilliant the way it was sort of set in our world with history we can all relate to. Yet it was still fantasy that you could completely immerse yourself in. I found myself wondering which of the six types of magic I'd like to use, but I think I'd like to be a time Mage too. I will definitely be purchasing books two and three when they are released (I hope they're not too far away!)I can't wait to see where G.L. Breedon takes this story.
The day Gabriel Salvador dies is the day he finds his place within the world. Gabriel is a Time Mage, but he's more special than any of them realize. He and his group of Magus travel throughout time to stop the evil wizards who want to destroy the Primary Continuum. When he realizes he's a part of a prophecy, he must find balance between the light and dark, or lose himself for all time.

THE WIZARD OF TIME's greatest strength is in its characters. Each one is a three-dimensional individual living their lives in many shades of Gray. I love the camaraderie between friends. Six magicks are used that are familiar but Breedon takes them to a higher level. Although the beginning starts out a bit cliché, Breedon sucked me into Gabriels world. The plot is sometimes a bit predictable but enjoyable. I love the history and cultures interspersed throughout. The Malignancy Mages are fantastically complicated villains. This novel explores the philosophical musings of light and dark, good and evil. The time travel scenes are awesome and well-thought out. 
I haven't enjoyed reading a book so much in a long time. I'm usually so completely busy with life, home, and just about everything else there is that I rarely have time to sit and have a good read. Then I can't find anything to read that holds my attention right to the end . I was so gripped by the excellent story and the great writing that I grabbed every spare minute to sit and read it and completed it in a record breaking two days.I would joyfully have read it in one sitting had it not been for the irritating distractions of normal life having to continue! 

My advice Buy this book as soon as you can. This is a must-read book if you love the past, future and time travel books.I was sucked in from the first chapter.I knew i was gonna love it just from reading the description.Its well written,with interesting characters and i couldn't put it down.
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The Wizard of Time by G.L. Breedon kindle free books download and review

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