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What would you do if almost all of the adults left “for a few hours” and they had not returned a week later?

Surviving the Fog by Stan Morris
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Have you ever been to summer camp?

What would you do if almost all of the adults left “for a few hours” and they had not returned a week later?

What would you do if no one’s cell phone worked and your parents never showed up to take you home?

What would you do if you realized that the area was surrounded by a mysterious brown fog that was dangerous?

How would you survive the winter? How would you get more to eat?

This is what Mike, John, Desi and the other campers have to contend with in Surviving the Fog.

Warning: sexual situations, cursing, brief violence

Surviving the Fog by Stan Morris

Surviving the Fog (fiction)
Stan Morris (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

Initially from the prologue this seems to be a science fiction story about alien invasion however that is really a clever ploy to set the scene where a mountain community is stranded and have to survive with only their own resources. 

Unlike most "survival / stranded / desert island" stories because of how this is set up civilisation for this mountain community is not destroyed so they have the resources that are there and do not have to build from scratch exactly. Initially the story is set in a teenagers' camp with no adults where a resourceful 13 year old becomes "chief" and leads the camp through a number of adversities. 

The story is simply written and the problems encountered are too easily overcome but all of the characters and locations are well described so that I can visualise them. Although there is some killing it is not too graphic. I thoroughly enjoyed the book even though there were little twists to the plot it all held together very well and perhaps because the problems were easily overcome it had a feel good factor that is rare these days.
A story of a group of Children who are left to survive on their own in difficult circumstances. I had a bit of a Lord of the Flies moment early on in this book, but after this the story became really involving. I loved the interaction of the characters and how different types of people came into play. It really made you think what would you do if that situation was happening to you. I liked the writing style, I found it very easy to follow and there were very few formatting errors(which makes a nice change)! All in all a great read, if a little predictable at the end
Something has landed on Earth; and it has combined with pollutants in the atmosphere to create a "fog". Anything living where the fog has formed or that enters it, is somehow consumed. The only survivors are those that live on land that is well above the level where the fog forms. A group of children are attending a camp; most of the few adults have left them to go for supplies, but don't return. 

The youngsters realise that something is wrong and decide to take steps to protect themselves. But they do more than this; they lay the foundations for a new society. I felt that the plot was quite well structured and the story moves along at a very nice pace. For those that think children wouldn't behave in the fashion portrayed, I can say from experience that sometimes young people can surprise you; I've seen exactly the same sort of leadership displayed and the concern for one another's well being as shown in the story, and at quite a young age too. 

 I'm not sure if the story was written just for children; there are some fairly adult concepts, with accidental death, rape, pre-meditated killing all being discussed in a straight forward manner. However, the way in which it is done is such that it would not be inappropriate for older children to read. I enjoyed the book tremendously, reading it almost straight through and only putting it down with some regret. Certainly very glad I downloaded this to my Kindle.

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Surviving the Fog by Stan Morris kindle free books download and review

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