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The Martian Years part 3

The Martian Years by Mark Southgate

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 Part 3
Into television

Well all good things come to an end, the 80's saw a return to the old music biz led produced music and I had fun on a local level whilst discovering the world had many subjects to learn about and had much more head space.

In the 90's I decided to go back to college and get an education, as a mature student, studying audio/visual.

The course was run by an ex BBC producer Ted May, and the college ethos was to use professional practices and equipment, using tutors working in the industry, so I learned how to Make TV programs.

We were encouraged to do live projects and I took to it easily - producing, directing, sound and writing the music, and with Ted's contacts, got  several pieces broadcast.

This was good because I always liked having a reason for doing something, an end result.

This was by far the happiest time in my life, and college at that time was like living in another world, a sort of bubble, where anything was possible and often was.

At art college I met some wonderful people and learned about things I didn't know existed in the world, they also taught me how to learn and educate myself.

This is one of the most valuable things I've learned in life.

I left college fully expecting to walk into a job in television as many of the students did, but came down to earth with a thud.

Outside the bubble the world was still crap.

Not wanting to go to  London I ended up getting a job at the local technical college as a technician.

This was an oppressive awful job in a very sick building, a world away from the art college.

As a result of this I became ill and was kicked out for being ill, I was diagnosed with M.E. or C.F.S as it's now known.

During more lucid moments I took to learning new things but could only spend very short periods on this before becoming complexly exhausted.

Life had changed again as I had to learn how to manage disability.

I am now  in my 60,s and have taken to the internet for my learning and getting used to a life "online".

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The Martian Schoolgirls

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