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The Martian Schoolgirls

The Martian Schoolgirls by Mark Southgate

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Where to begin? 
Well I suppose all good stories begin with a change in life, so my story begins on the last day of school.

My last exam over I walked down the avenue of trees that was the entrance to my school, the sun was shinning and I was thinking "I'll never have to come back here again".

We had lunch at home then went to visit my brother in London, who gave me his old guitar, things were definitely on the change.

My brother had played in bands and had a record out with the "Dowland Brothers" produced by Joe Meek, called "little sue", and had shown me how to play some basic chords and a few tunes which I progressed on to some classical and flamenco playing which was popular in the 60's. 

I also did an o level in music at school so playing music was important but unlikely to earn me money.

Events conspired against me and I went off to college in September, but before that i spent the summer hanging out and learning to play some of the wonderful music that was emerging, such as Carol king, James Taylor and Pink Floyd among others, though I could could never get how Jimi Hendrix did what he did.

Within a couple of weeks of starting college where I was studying electronics, I had taken my guitar into college and was in the canteen with it when the social secretary and some guys with long hair came up to me and started talking music etc which ended up with me doing an impromptu performance over the Tannoy system till the dinner ladies complained about the "racket"...

Yep, things were changing.

Because I was doing electronics the guys invited me the come to a jam session and could I fix the pa amp?

So I went and the bass player didn't turn up, so I plugged my guitar into the pa amp and turned the bass up full and the treble down and started playing bass lines, at the end they said I was now the bass player.

This group had a local guy called Mick O' hara who went on to writing for Boney M in the 70s', and we did a sort of folk/electric/rock thing, including a synthesiser I built from Dewtron modules and some of my own circuits.

We played local gigs and free festivals like Hyde park, where we got fined for parking without lights!

This is where I started to suspect the establishment had an agenda ...


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The Martian Schoolgirls

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