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The Ghost Kings by Henry Rider Haggard

The Ghost Kings by Henry Rider Haggard
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Todays free book is The Ghost Kings by Henry Rider Haggard

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The Ghost Kings by Henry Rider Haggard
FREE: The Ghost Kings by Henry Rider Haggard

A strange girl, was Rachel Dove . . . raised in the jungles of Africa by a mother with mystical leanings and a father possessed by the missionary spirit. "Lady of the Lightning," the Kaffirs called her, in memory of her surviving a violent storm - a name that foretold her later, mystic reputation among them. Yet she had not survived that storm alone - for a boy, Richard Darrien, rescued her from drowning in the raging torrent. Rachel sensed their lives would be intertwined - however strange those lives should become, in the mysterious and unforgiving jungle.


The Ghost Kings by Henry Rider Haggard free

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