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Goody Two Shoes by Walter Crane

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Goody Two Shoes by Walter Crane
FREE: Goody Two Shoes by Walter Crane

In the reign of good Queen Bess, there was an honest, industrious countryman named Meanwell, who, living under a hard landlord, was cruelly turned out of his little farm, which had enabled him to support a wife and two children, called Tommy and Margery. Care and misfortune soon shortened his days; and his wife, not long after, followed him to the grave. At her death the two poor children were left in a sad plight, and had to make all sorts of shifts to keep themselves from starving. They were also without proper clothes to keep them warm; and as for shoes, they had not even two pairs between them: This is the story about Margery, an orphan named Goody Two-Shoes because those were all she had to wear on her feet. Margery learns to read and then spends the rest of her life as a school teacher.


Goody Two Shoes by Walter Crane free

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