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Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln

Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln
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Todays free book is Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln

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Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln
FREE: Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln

It may be short, and there are more than one version of what Lincoln actually said, but it has become famous, and rightly so. In this day and age the true art of oration seems to have been forgotten, but until not long ago politicians still knew how to do it properly - think of Winston Churchill, or Martin Luther King. Who would have thought that something that takes less than a couple of minutes to read would have such an impact? Lincoln gave hope for a new beginning and to live up to the Founding Fathers when he gave this, at a time when the US badly needed a purpose and dream. What he gave was something stirring and inspiring that rose above a simple political jibe or speech.


Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln free

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