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The Time Trap by Henry Kuttner

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The Time Trap by Henry Kuttner

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The Mongoliad (The Mongoliad Cycle, Book 2)
The Mongoliad (The Mongoliad Cycle, Book 2) by  Neal Stephenson - Erik Bear - Greg Bear - Joseph Brassey - Nicole Galland - Cooper Moo - Mark Teppo - Mike Grell (Illustrator)

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Those who read The Mongoliad in its original incarnation as an online serial will note some differences in the print version. The story is set in the thirteenth century, during the Mongol invasion of Europe, and focuses on a group of warrior-monks, the Shield-Brethren, who are desperately fighting for their own survival and the survival of their way of life - and that’s a serious simplification of this sprawling, character-rich, action-packed epic that’s part history, part alternate history, part fantasy, part martial-arts saga. The authors (including speculative fiction giants Stephenson and Greg Bear) collaborated on the online serial, which has now been broken down into several book-length segments, rewritten and restructured, with major story threads shifted around. It would definitely help to have read Book One first, but it’s not essential. There’s enough background here, in broad-strokes terms, to give readers a sense of what’s going on at this point in the saga. Jumping from place to place and character to character, the book has a potentially huge audience, not just fans of the individual contributors and readers of Book One but also the much larger fan bases for martial-arts epics, alternate history, and historical fantasy. 

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the Time Trap by Henry Kuttner
FREE: The Time Trap by Henry Kuttner
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Kent Mason is an archaeologist hopelessly lost in the desert. When he stumbles into the ruins of the ancient city of Al Bekr, he unknowingly steps into a time portal and finds himself flung into into the greatest adventure of his life.
Originally written for Marvel Science Stories, Henry Kuttner spins a rambunctious story filled with more monsters, mayhem, beautiful women, unimaginable threats, and bizarre plot twists than any reader could possibly imagine!


The Time Trap by Henry Kuttner free

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