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Eve's Diary, Complete by Mark Twain

FREE: Eve's Diary, Complete by Mark Twain
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FREE: Eve's Diary, Complete by Mark Twain
FREE: Eve's Diary, Complete by Mark Twain
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Eve's Diary" is one of the most famous and notable entries in Mark Twain's series purporting to be the diaries of Adam and Eve. Like the others, it is a different take on the classic story; both humorous and thought-provoking, it recreates the famous scene with surprising plausibility and is very enjoyable. This begins somewhat more light-heartedly than the related stories, and is indeed quite funny, but ends with one of the most powerfully affecting love meditations ever. It is hard to read without a tear, and anyone who has ever loved will be profoundly touched. Often seen as a tribute to Twain's recently deceased wife, this is a small masterpiece. Anyone interested in Twain should read it, especially those who enjoyed related pieces, and it is highly recommended for anyone interested in Genesis - and indeed for everyone, as its core element is the most universal of human feelings. Though well worth reading in itself, it is available in collections - The Bible According to Mark Twain, etc. - alongside related pieces and many other works, making a standalone hard to justify.

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Eve's Diary, Complete by Mark Twain free

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