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Numb by Lee Stevens £0.77

What if the only pain you can feel is in your mind? What if the memories of your past hurt you more than any weapon ever could?

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What if the only pain you can feel is in your mind? 
What if the memories of your past hurt you more than any weapon ever could? 
What if guilt haunts your every waking hour and you cannot escape it?
And what if things are about to get a hell of a lot worse?

For Riley Day, reluctant enforcer for crime lord Mike Nash, worse is about to happen. The biggest gang war the city of Thirnbridge has ever seen is about to erupt and will threaten not only his own life but the lives of innocent men, women and children. Soon forced into a plot of murder and revenge, Riley uncovers corrupt and evil forces that will do anything to get what they want and who will kill anyone that stands in their way.
And, ultimately, it will be left to him alone to stop them...

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Numb (fiction)
Lee Stevens (Author)
customer reviews (Yes)
Print List Price: £0.77
Kindle Price: £0.77

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Reviews from Amazon:
This is a book to keep you reading; it is filled with unexpected twists and turns to such an extent that it is hard to put down. The excitement starts very early in the story and continues until the end. It is about the acrimonious relationship between two criminal gangs and I agree with other reviewers that it gets quite gory towards the end and if you are squeamish perhaps it is not the book for you. I enjoyed it.
I thought this book would be an easy read, was l wrong. From the start l was hooked. This was my first book in a very long time that l found very hard to put down until it was first.wished. l look forward to reading more from this author.
I loved this fast paced thriller. It reminded me of a Shaun Hutson novel. If you like non stop action and good twists then this is for you. I hope to read more books by this author.

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