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Golf Monster by Alice Cooper £1.69

Alice Cooper has not formally written his autobiography. But nothing could come closer than this book.

Golf Monster by Alice Cooper
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Alice Cooper has not formally written his autobiography. But nothing could come closer than this book which, in telling the story of how one of the wild men of rock has ended up a demon, driven golfer, has to tell the story of his whole life. No surprise, then, that the hardback publication of Golf Monster was greeted with queues all round the shop at his London signing at Borders, and that the book quickly went into three printings and racked up sales of over 9000 copies.

This is a celebrity autobiography which, like Slash’s surprise Christmas best seller, has a real story to tell. This is the story of how Cooper became one of the biggest rock stars on the planet with hits like “School’s Out” and “Elected”, nearly lost it all to drink, and turned things around by finding a healthy obsession – golf – to replace the unhealthy addiction to alcohol. Cooper is still a major live act (toured last autumn with Motorhead), but also one of the best celebrity golfers.

He’s also a highly intelligent and urbanely witty man (as his regular chat show appearances and Planet Rock radio show testify) who writes as well as he speaks..

Golf Monster by Alice Cooper Golf Monster (fiction)
Alice Cooper (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
 Firstly, this is a book to be enjoyed by all. Cooper devotees, Rock fans or just the plain curious. It is if nothing else a stonking good read.

It marks a departure(thankfully)from current trends of listing countless tales of debauchery and shenanigan's. But it does however unashamedly go on a three hundred page name dropping spree. 

Jimi Hendrix,John Lennon,Groucho Marx & Raquel Welch are just some of the many that have featured heavily in the Coop's colourful career. 

Putting this along with the twelve vignettes of his thoughts on all things Golf, makes it a different if somewhat surreal Rock autobiography. Well you would expect nothing less from Alice Cooper!

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