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Saturday Free Books - March 22nd

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This weeks Free books from Kindle free books

FREE: Guinness World Records 2013 kindle free books 
FREE: Alpha 1472 (The Alpha Series) by Eddie Hastings 
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A planet with its own biosphere travels on its huge elliptical orbit. Once every two thousand, five hundred years it comes into range of another planet that is home to a species similar to them. The space ship Alpha 1472 is sent to recover information left for them with disastrous consequences.

Mary Emmanuel is the navigator on her final mission for the company. And although the company was aware that she was in the first trimester of her pregnancy, it had been decided that she and her unborn baby would be fine to accompany the crew on their mission. Neither she nor her husband, David, could have imagined the outcome.

FREE:The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L.Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum

FREE: The History of Napoleon Buonaparte by John Gibson Lockhart
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The definitive biography of Napoleon, finely written in an engaging and authoritative style. The "use of English" will, I am sure, be regarded by some as old fashioned, however, if you wish to read the highest quality writing, this will not disappoint.

Subsequent biographies have drawn heavily on the Lockhart edition, and even where they include sources unavailable to that author, they fail to match the energy and vigour with which Lockhart carries through the story of Napoleon's rise to greatness and his eventual fall.

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FREE: Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont
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A nice book to have. It is amazing to think of the hours needle women (and perhaps men) put into their craft, so intricate and neat.

Sitting down and sewing very therapeutic and it would be worth attempting some of these techniques in order to relax.


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FREE: Rilla of Ingleside by Lucy Maud Montgomery
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The focus is on Rilla, born Bertha Marilla Blythe, the youngest of Anne's daughters, who is named for Anne Shirley's mother and the woman who took her in at Green Gables as a red  headed orphan. As the novel begins Rilla is fifteen years old and still looking forward to her first romance.

But the novel takes a dramatic turn as the shadow of the First World War reaches all the way to Ingleside and sends a grief stricken Mrs. Blythe to her bed.

FREE: lancelot-and-the-wolf kindle free books

FREE: Stress proof your life (52 Brilliant Ideas) by Elisabeth Wilson
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"This book looks at sources of stress ... and reveals 52 ideas for curing
them with a plenty of ideas for living stress free in the real world..."

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