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Robert Anton Wilson - The Cosmic Trigger

Robert Anton Wilson wrote 35 books probably best known for the Illuminatus Trilogy co-authored with Robert Shea. Advertised as "a fairy tale for paranoids.

Rather than write a review i have used some of Robert Antons quotes instead. They are not from the same book and are edited randomly.
Robert Anton Wilson Quoting:

The Bible tells us to be like God, and then on page after page it describes God as a mass murderer. This may be the single most important key to the political behaviour of Western Civilization.

Every war results from the struggle for markets and spheres of influence, and every war is sold to the public by professional liars and totally sincere religious maniacs, as a Holy Crusade to save God and Goodness from Satan and Evil.

Nobody sees the obvious, nobody observes the ordinary. There are more miracles in a square yard of earth than in all the fables of the Church.

Most people live in a myth and grow violently angry if anyone dares to tell them the truth about themselves.

Humans live through their myths and only endure their realities.

You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you.

Ego is a social fiction for which one person at a time gets all the blame.

All phenomena are real in some sense, unreal in some sense, meaningless in some sense, real and meaningless in some sense, unreal and meaningless in some sense, and real and unreal and meaningless in some sense.

The longer one is alone, the easier it is to hear the song of the earth.

You know, I have found a new way to get high and stay spaced out for hours on end, and the government can't stop me... It's called senility.

Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson (born Robert Edward Wilson, January 18, 1932 – January 11, 2007), known to friends as "Bob", was an American author and polymath who became at various times a novelist, philosopher, psychologist, essayist, editor, playwright, poet, futurist, civil libertarian and self-described agnostic mystic.

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The Illuminatus! Trilogy (fiction)
Robert Anton Wilson (Author)
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Robert Anton Wilson - The Cosmic Trigger

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