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The following books have been the most popular kindle reads from 0.20p to 0.99p in the last week.

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Reads for 0.99p or less from Kindle free books

The complete lucia Victrix: (complete Mapp & Lucia)The complete lucia Victrix: (complete Mapp & Lucia) by E. F. Benson £0.77p 
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Years before Bridget Jones, a woman is protagonist of one of the funniest series of all time, a delightful little view into the social world of upper-middle class Edwardian village dwellers.
If you haven't tried them and love high camp, bitchy, snobby, hysterically funny, British froth from the 20's and 30's you'll be in heaven. And to get all six books for 77p is beyond a deal!

The love of my life by louise douglasThe Love of My Life by Louise Douglas £0.66
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Olivia returns to her hometown for the funeral of her beloved husband Luca and straight away you realise that something has gone badly wrong in the past because his family make it clear she is not welcome. Olivia and Luca's brother Marc begin an affair to help each other through the weeks after Luca's death - each reminds the other of Luca, and although you understand how this happened, you know it's bound to end in disaster.

Dark Winter by David Markonly 0.20p
Dark Winter by David Markonly 0.20p
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Review from Amazon: I can give no higher praise than to say that I woke up at 4 this morning and reached for the nearest book. 20 chapters later the book dark Winter was done, light peeping round the curtains and my mind still racing from the concluding action.

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Anna Karenina (Oxford World's Classics) by leo tolstoy
Anna Karenina (Oxford World's Classics) by leo tolstoy - 0.49p
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Tolstoy's historical and human sweep is breathtaking. His vision, humanity and his knowledge that love and pain are at the heart of life is the most important of all the profound truths revealed in this great novel.

jane austin collection
The Complete Works by Jane Austen 0.77p 
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Jane Austen Collection: Her Complete Works (Includes Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Lady Susan & more.


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Reads for 0.99p or less

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