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Books for grandparents

Books for grandparents

Grand parenting can be confusing to grandparents as it is for grand children.

You may be lucky enough to have the time to be a full time grandparent, but you still have to have time to be yourself.

We ware all ageless in our real selves and it is entertaining to see how others have expressed this.

These books are aimed at an older readership but can be equally understood and enjoyed by younger readers and carers alike.

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Over the last decade, Sue Townsend has written a monthly column which covers everything from hosepipe bans and Spanish restaurants to writer's block and the posh middle-aged woman she once met who'd never heard of Winnie-the-Pooh. 

Collected together now for the first time, they form a set of pieces from one of Britain's most popular and acclaimed writers that is funny, perceptive and touching. This book is currently only available for the kindle in the UK.
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Good Granny Guide: Or How to Be a Modern Grandmother by Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall - £3.30

Good Granny Guide: Or How to Be a Modern Grandmother by Jane Fearnley-WhittingstallThe most precious gift grandparents can offer their grandchildren is time. 
Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall has gathered first-hand tips from other grandparents and their families in many different situations. 
The result is a wonderfully insightful handbook - a vast resource of wisdom, history and humour - covering everything from childcare troubleshooting to what NOT to say to the daughter-in-law.

The Little Girl in the Radiator: Mum Alzheimer's & Me by Martin Slevin £1.99
Old age doesn't come alone! This is the well written, touching and sometimes humorous story of the authors mother's daily fight against a disease neither she, nor anyone in the family could understand.

When Martins mum is diagnosed with Alzheimers the destination is never in doubt, but along the way there are many lighter moments, as she shaves the dog’s bottom, holds sing-songs with an imaginary Irish band and pins all of Martin’s socks to the wall.

And all the time, the question nags away at him: who is the little girl in the radiator, with whom his mum has urgent, whispered conversations each day?

The book contains useful tips and information for anyone who has to look after a relative at home suffering from dementia.
The Senior's Guide to Medical Marijuana by B. Fisher £1.92
In a few years this may be exactly the sort of book that the elderly (anyone in thier teens in the 60's would now be in their sixties) will need.
Although not legal in many areas of the world, things may be changing with several states in America now advocating the use of medical marijuana.

This book was written for first time and returning medical marijuana users who are arriving, celebrating, or over the hump of “50.” 
Aimed at the retired or almost retired and to those who have tried using pharmaceutical medicine to address a growing list of ailments. 
The book explains about medical marijuana as an alternative for those who want to try it as a remedy for the first time.

Gardening for Seniors - Joyous Activities for Elderly Gardeners with Tips for Reduced Mobility by Andrea Kalli - £0.77p

In "Gardening for Seniors - Joyous Activities for Elderly Gardeners, with Tips for Reduced Mobility" you'll find a wide range of information that will inspire you to continue, or start, gardening.

If you're looking for an activity you can share with an ageing loved one, gardening offers the ideal opportunity to do something satisfying and fun together. 
Bring your children into the fun and you have a wonderful full-family activity where all of you can share in the tending and the enjoyment of what your plants produce.
Whether it's something you grew up with, or something that is relatively new to you, you'll come to discover the joy that gardening brings and the benefits it offers, both physically and mentally. This is particularly true as you get older.

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Books for Grandparents