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Bad History How We Got the Past Wrong by Emma Marriott save 89%

"Bad History" is a rigorously researched and entertaining read, perfect for any history enthusiast who wants to get their facts straight.
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So much of what we know about historical events is based on generally accepted 'facts': Roman gladiators fought to the death; the Wild West was full of danger; and, the Wall Street Crash led to the Great Depression.

But, history is, in fact, full of myths and misunderstandings that have become part of popular belief and wrongly coloured our understanding of historical figures and events. Each entry of this title will discuss the case for and against commonly accepted 'facts', and corrects what you thought you knew about history.

Entries include: Was Captain Scott iconic or incompetent? Did Benito Mussolini make the trains run on time? Was the Suffragette movement responsible for securing votes for women in Britain? Was Caligula an insane tyrant and sexual pervert?

"Bad History" provides a rigorously researched and entertaining read, perfect for any history enthusiast who wants to get their facts straight. History How We Got the Past Wrong (fiction)
Emma Marriott (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon: 

This is an entertaining collection of thirty-one short essays giving us a more informed view on popular (mis?)conceptions of history. The style is light and easy, but the facts seem to be accurate and they are certainly well presented.

There are additional box-outs with more snippets in parallel with the main text to aid understanding and add a few more germane insights. Illustrations are generously scattered though the book to add smiles and enlightenment, be they cartoons or maps. A comprehensive Index at the back helps us to find specific references to people, places and events mentioned in the book.

I enjoyed reading this one, and where I have specific expert knowledge of some of the topics I found she had presented the same facts I was familiar with. I still don't know who is really correct, since history is mostly written by the survivors, but Marriott has gone a long way towards busting some common myths.

More importantly, if you read between the lines you might discover that she has given us the bones of the classic analysis methods to help us to be more critical of those glib 'facts' so frequently offered us on a more casual basis by the frivolous or uninformed or those with an axe to grind.
The book Bad History takes a light and entertaining approach to debunking myths that surround historical events, tackling subjects as widely divergent as did gladiators fight to the death and did the suffragettes really win votes for women? I would compare this favourably to shows such as QI which aim to entertain and inform so this is not the book for you if you go into this expecting heavyweight academic analyses and debates surrounding correct research methodologies. As a layperson with an eclectic interest in different periods of history I found his very readable, entertaining and enlightening and it is structured in such a way that as each title stands alone you can dip in and out of which eras suit your mood without missing anything.

I devoured this on my daily commute and found it an excellent way to gently engage my brain before work, generally the succinct nature of the articles meant I could read two to three per trip. I would definitely recommend for armchair historians or as a stocking filler for anyone interested in trivia and general knowledge.

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Bad History How We Got the Past Wrong by Emma Marriott download and review

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