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Giving Voice to your book

how to make audio books for your amazon kindle
Have you ever considered making an audio book? 

Giving voice to your book can be a great way to of getting your book out there to a wider audience.

Most devices can read and play back audio books because they are often made in the familiar mp3 format.

This means that computers, smart phones, T.V, mp3 players and even most of the kindles can read them and play back your book in sound for you to listen to in manageable chunks.

They can be publicised and sold through Amazons or even sold from your own web site.

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Hello Dear Browsers,

An audio version of your book can have some great advantages for your readers too.

Your own readers can tune in to your audio-books, which can effortlessly increase their book consumption since they're  using time that previously wasn't available to them and turning it into valuable reading sessions.

They can listen from within the car, bus, plane or while exercising, walking, on the beach| or while carrying out mundane tasks throughout the house or garden.

Special needs readers, such as people with impaired vision will have access to get access to your written words in the form of an audio-book.

And don't forget audio-books may be listened to when using iPod or iPhone, smart Phones or other Mp3 music players even on most e-readers (for example the Kindle and Nook).

There are three main strategies for producing an audio-book:

You can choose to do it all by yourself.

If you need to produce it on a tight budget you could possibly make your audio book using a few relatively inexpensive tools.

Make sure you use a good microphone with a wind pop noise reducer (some times called a mouse) to reduce explosive sounds.

You use a narrator who's going to be specialized on audio book narration and who gets a percentage share of the royalty after production of the audio-book.

You organize a specialist experienced in  production and keep your entire royalties for yourself.

Here are some tips to make the audio book production  happen

You should find an experienced sound editor as well as an audio director to obtain the most out of your studio time and ensure a quality production.

Choose only the ones who are used to audio book production.

Check the packaging and presentation on your audio-books in shops to see if a producer is credited.

In the event you choose professional help, try to find a trained speaker, for instance a graduate from an acting or drama school.

You might also use a professional voice over artist from a website as they have a large amount of excellent audio performance who will greatly enhance your project.

You can order sample audio files, emailed to your account, to evaluate the mood you think is suitable for your book.

The costs for an  audio book production service ranges from about £300 - £750 but could be higher if it is a long book.

Giving Voice to your book also needs marketing to make it heard

If you want to have your audio-book sold via a 3rd party, you could try where you can find some good advice on how to narrate your own audio book and what to look for when planning an audio book project

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You could also look through the amazon lists of ebook marketing books.

Getting your ebook or audio book noticed is always going to involve work to get publicity but it doesn't have to be a slog.

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Giving Voice to your book