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As They Slept by Andy Leeks

The comical tales of a London commuter, A great idea and an easy read. Hugely entertaining, and laugh out loud funny in places.

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An autobiographic tale of a thirty something commuter, who wasn't ready to lose a petty argument on Facebook.

Angered by the snoozing passengers surrounding him, Andy posted a status declaring that sleeping on trains is a complete waste of time.

His friends disagreed.

In a bid to prove them wrong, Andy set out to write a book from start to finish on the daily commute.

"As They Slept" is a collection of comical tales of travel and trepidation, guaranteed to make you laugh.

In his well received first book, Andy sets out to explain how to eradicate lost property, why women can't use their pockets, and exactly when it's OK to lie.

free books for kindle as they sleptAs They Slept (fiction)
Andy Leeks (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
I have just finished this book on my kindle & loved the concept of it, you feel like you have dived into someone's mind & witnessed all their thoughts & opinions on issues they think about during their daily life. Some laugh out loud moments, moments that just make you smile and some interesting ideas bought up throughout the book which makes you think why hasn't anyone else thought of that yet. You get a good feel of the person behind the words and you start to feel you've got to know him somehow. Very easy and enjoyable read! I'll be looking out for part 2. 
This is a wonderful example of one commuters experiences and God is he right. So funny, laughed so much. Wonderful.
Really enjoyed it,very easy to read, liked that the chapters weren't too long so you could just pick it up for a couple of minutes whilst commuting to work, well recommended. 

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