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a weekend for crime

a weekend of crime novels
A weekend for crime may be just the thing to read as we enter the middle of the winter season. 

The popularity of crime novels has been with us since the Victorian era.

Victorians were well aware of murders thanks to the high profile coverage of Jack the Ripper.

In fact, some of the earliest crime novels were by the Author Wilkie Collins who created the "sensation novels" popular in Victorian England that were the first early versions of the detective Novel.

There is sense of real forboding in good crime novels that makes the dark side of life just outside of sight.

Despair and frustation as Detectives seek and fail to find the secrets that will secure arrest of the murderer.

When will the killer be uncovered?

Perhaps we like crime novels so much because the killer is always uncovered and order is always restored.

So perhaps the Crime Novel is right for the uncertain world we live in. In a world that always seems to get more shocking, isn't order from chaos what we are all looking for?

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So settle down and relax with a new crime suspense book for your kindle. After all the nights are drawing out, but maybe keep a light on when reading these books!

A weekend for crime a weekend for crime novels

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins - FREE

The Moon stone by wilkie collins a weekend of crime

A Weekend for crime #1: A whodunit about a lost jewel with several different narrators 'the first English detective story' is so ingenious, so melodramatically rational, so druggy and glittery and cleverly elusive, that it triumphs over all its impersonators..

Safe House by Chris Ewan - 0.20p
a weekend of crime novels - safe house by chris ewan

A Weekend of Crime #2: Safe House is really is  a highly unique, deftly prepared thriller. You do not want to be in this situation ever! From near-surreal loveliness to brutal disarray as one everyday lifetime just unravels.

Rob and Rebecca are engaging company during this roller coaster seat of your pants novel!ride-by-the-seat-of-your-pants novel! Rich in chutzpah with the guts of a Army Sergeant.

Take 2 by Stephen Leather - 0.74p
a weekend of crime novels take two by stephen lather

A Weekend of Crime #3: A crime thriller with a killer twist - Carolyn Castle is one of the most famous faces in the UK - a soap opera star known to millions. But when she witnesses a gangland killing she has to ask herself if her fame could be the death of her.

The killer is charismatic gangster Warwick Richards. A man more than capable of killing again to protect his secret. But does he know that Carolyn saw him commit murder?

Hide and Seek by Paul Brown - 0.77p 
a weekend of crime novels hide and seek by Paul Brown

A Weekend of Crime #4: An unforeseen school reunion sparked by the death of a childhood friend quickly turns into a living nightmare for Peter Stevenson. Waking the day after, he finds his friends missing, his possessions gone, and himself placed at the centre of a game of hide and seek. 
This book will keep you up late into the night until you discover who Celo is and why is he playing this game. The answer will surprise and amaze you.

The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner - £4.99 Best Seller

a weekend of crime novels The other daughter by Lisa Gardner
A Weekend of Crime #5: The Other Daughter -
A man who has been executed for multiple murder... 
a girl who knows nothing of her past... 
and the horrifying connection between them...
When Melanie wakes up in hospital all she knows is that she can't remember any of the first nine years of her life and no-one is there waiting for her.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - £4.99 Amazon Best Seller
a weekend of crime novels gone girl by Gillian Flynn
A Weekend of Crime #6: Gillian Flynn is an extraordinarily good writer who plays her readers with the skill and light touch of an expert fisherman. She wields her unreliable narrators to breath taking effect, confusing, disturbing and amazing each in turn.
A chilling tale of a hip, New York couple's failing marriage: smart, suspenseful and brilliantly written. Once you've read the  heart stopping conclusion you will want to read it again straight away! 

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a weekend for crime