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The Bermondsey Grail by Mary Cade

The Bermondsey Grail (Inner London) by Mary Cade £1.93

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Adelaide is an unlikely heroine, a middle aged woman without any martial arts skills, the ability to speak Aramaic or use a gun, whose greatest talents lie in dreaming and her love of music.

Arriving at her much disliked workplace one dark winter morning she is swept up by a supernatural river and brought into contact with the ghost of a drowned young man.

So begins the strange adventure of the Bermondsey Grail in which past events break through into contemporary London life, creating a new and dangerous reality for Adelaide.

She and her two young companions, Joe and Imogen, race to outwit rival Grail seekers, their actions interweaving with those of the mysterious past inhabitants of Bermondsey.

Legend, love, magic and twenty first century office procedures combine to bring the story to a thrilling conclusion.

The Bermondsey Grail (fiction)
Mary Cade (Author)
customer reviews (Yes)
Print List Price: £1.93
Kindle Price: £1.93
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Reviews from Amazon:

This is a wonderful, entrancing and fascinating story. Who would have expected a Grail story to be set in Bermondsey, London? Yet that's what makes this a unique and original book. Ms Cade writes elegantly and beautifully. Adelaide's vision at the start when a river appears to rush through her office is totally amazing and captivating. It's true, she's no sassy, zappy, angst-ridden James Bond style heroine, thank goodness. She's a normal person like you and me who has strange experiences and struggles to understand and come to terms with them. The 'baddie' is certainly bad but also attractive, no mean feat. I rather fell for him. The story had a healing effect, creating such colour and magic, it followed me arund for a long time afterwards and even gave me some colourful dreams!
I got this book on 29 July 2012 (I think it was a freebie) but got around to reading it only at the end of September. What wonderful treat was waiting for me. If you read a lot of freebies / cheap books, too often you get what you paid for, but this was pure gold among the dross.

Ms Cade has woven together the prehistory of London and the London of the 21st century to create a shining strand of magic. The characters are rich and sharply-observed and there is a good deal of humour interwoven with the fantasy. You come to care about these people and what happens to them. This is very much a novel of place too, and Bermondsey is transformed into a wondrous enchanted world.

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The Bermondsey Grail by Mary Cade download and review

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