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And Now . . . the Diet!

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Yes we enjoyed all the food and drink, even using gaviscon between meals was bearable for a bit. 

But now with the sun rising earlier in the morning and setting later at nights its time to think about health and we could maybe start by shedding a few pounds!

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Hello Dear Browsers,

Well its 2013 and the time has come to start thinking about health and exercise. not my favorite hobby but it does give me an excuse to at least look at the current dieting and health trends for this year.

Here is the first of a few of the more interesting Kindle books on health and diet.

Dieting by fasting
The 5:2 Diet Book: Feast for 5 Days a Week and Fast for 2 by Kate Harrison
Kindle free Books

Journalist and former yoyo dieter Kate Harrison has finally won the battle with her weight – now she shares the secrets that are helping thousands of men and women transform their bodies. The 5:2 Diet Book is your comprehensive guide to the world of intermittent fasting. Interesting ideas in a £1.09 book that may not be as bizarre as it sounds.

Dieting by examining what you eat
The Harcombe Diet: Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight by Zoe Harcombe
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In popularity few can compete with Zoe Harcombes Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight at £4.99.
Let me guess... You've tried every diet under the sun; You've lost weight and put it all back on; The more you diet, the more you crave food; You have almost given up hope of being and staying slim.
Do you want some good news? It's not your fault. You are not greedy or weak-willed. You've just been given totally the wrong advice.
Traditional diets are the cause of the current obesity epidemic, not the cure. It shows that eating less leads to three extremely common physical conditions, which cause overeating.

Free introduction to the basics of dieting
My First Diet Book - Back to Basics - A Dieters Guide to Success on the First Attempt by S Ashley
Kindle free BooksThis book returns us to the basics of slow and gradual weight loss through a good understanding of all aspects of dieting and the problems we can encounter on the way. The simplest, most basic and most effective diet of all is to just ‘eat less’. This is the basis of this publication but it does take take you a little further than that.
This is an introduction to the basic facts that you need to understand when learning ‘how to diet’. Beyond the facts contained within this book are endless lists of good foods, bad foods, low-energy density foods and negative calorie foods for you to study and consult with.

Why not give up dieting?
Ditching diets:  How to lose weight in a way you can maintain by Gillian Riley
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the alternative to dieting and slimming clubs - because a diet only works while you stick to it and hardly anyone sticks to any diet forever. The best way to lose weight is by developing a style of eating you can live with, because it’s flexible and probably unique to you. But often that’s easier said than done.
explains how to stop eating so much by thinking in a way that’s the opposite of dieting. The opposite because it’s the dieting mindset – especially the prohibitions - that contribute to the problem in the first place.

Dieting the Apprentice way
The Tiny Fork Diet by Alan Sugar
Kindle free Books
Of course! A dieting book by the man who runs the Apprentice.
O.K but it's free and while it isn't a quick fix diet, the unsuitably named "Lord Sugar" has found that enabled him to lose excess weight and maintain this loss. It is common sense but explains the method in a way most people can follow. The latest aid he's discovered is eating more slowly by simply using the tiny fork of the title. Short, direct & it obviously works for him & may help others.

Its a free book and just as valid as the others!

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And Now . . . the Diet!