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The Last Telegram by Liz Trenow

As the Nazis storm Europe, Lily is apprenticed to her families silk weaving factory.

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The war changed everything for Lily Verner.

As the Nazis storm Europe, Lily becomes an apprentice at her family’s silk weaving factory.

When they start to weave parachute silk there is no margin for error: one tiny fault could result in certain death for Allied soldiers.

The war also brings Stefan to Lily: a German Jewish refugee who works on the looms. As their love grows, there are suspicions someone is tampering with the silk.

Can their love survive the hardships of war? And will the Verner’s silk stand the ultimate test?

The Last Telegram is an evocative and engaging novel for fans of The Postmistress and Pam Jenoff.

free books for kindleThe Last Telegram (fiction)
Liz Trenow (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

I just want to start off by saying how truly stunning the cover is, it is bold, bright, colourful and eye-catching. As soon as I saw the cover and read the blurb on the back I was very intrigued and keen to start on the story.

The story opens with Lily as an elderly woman, having just been through her husband's funeral and with her children and grandchildren in her house for the wake afterwards. Lily wanders around the house that she grew up in, the house that has been her home for all of her life, and which holds so many memories. After a chat with her granddaughter, in which Lily tells her a bit about her past, we are taken back in Lily's life to when she is a teenager. We learn that her brother John as just returned from abroad and brings news of Hitlers movements and a possible war, and we follow Lily as she reluctantly starts working in her father's silk factory, hearing and seeing the story from her perspective.

Whilst working at the factory, her father decides to sponsor three German Jewish Refugees who have come to England to escape the terrible events happening in Germany. Kurt, Walter and Stefan become apprentices in the silk weaving business, and Lily finds herself working alongside and spending more time with Stefan. As the war comes closer, the silk factory take on a contract for weaving silk parachutes for the troops, vital in the war effort, and added pressure to the weavers as there is no room for error. The looming war also brings Stefan and Lily closer, how will their new relationship survive in a time of war, prejudice and fear?

I cannot describe how much I enjoyed this book. Liz Trenow has created a fantastically written story, weaving in war, family, love and loss, with issues of prejudice and secrets added to the mix. What I really enjoyed about The Last Telegram was the knowledge that was included. At the start of every chapter is a passage from Harold Verner (Lily's father) about silk. I really liked this idea, it was so interesting to be provided with a bit more background of where silk came from and how it is used. Throughout the book, Liz effortlessly integrates facts and knowledge with a beautiful story - By the time I had finished, I felt as though I'd been around silk for a long time, I felt like I'd learnt a great amount of knowledge, and I also desperately wanted to work in a silk factory and weave this beautiful material!!!

The characters in The Last Telegram were wonderful. Lily Verner in particular was a very well written character, and I loved reading about her journey from a young girl who didn't see a career in silk, to an elderly woman who had survived so much and lived a tremendous life. Throughout the story I really got behind Lily, I desperately wanted her to be successful in the mill, and for her and Stefan's relationship to be acknowledged by everyone else. I LOVED Stefan and Lily's relationship, I think they were made for each other, they had `true love' and I really looked forward to reading the chapters where they were together. Another character which was also very well-written was Gwen, I enjoyed how everyone was wary of her at first but over time she became more of a friend to the family.

The Last Telegram is a brilliantly written love story during the war, incorporating family, work, war efforts and friendship. The characters in this story showed such bravery and courage and it really touched my heart. I was absolutely gripped from the first page and I must admit I shed a few tears during the story. This is a story that I'm sure will be treasured and read over and over again. Beautiful. Truly beautiful.

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