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The Genealogist's Internet by Peter Christian £7.53

This book should be compulsory reading for every family historian with Internet access

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The pre-eminent handbook for those family historians with British or Irish ancestors, The Genealogist's Internet is a comprehensive introduction and guide to researching family history online. It details the major web-based sources of primary data available to family historians, highlights the most helpful directories and gateways, and tell you how to contact others with the same surname, or to access the numerous forums, discussion groups, mailing lists, and newsgroups focusing on genealogy.

This greatly expanded second edition includes the new large-scale projects now appearing on the Net, such as the "Old Bailey Proceedings" and "The Digital Library of Historical Directories." It offers helpful hints and instructions for publishing your family tree online, as well as a glossary of genealogical and Internet terms. And this edition will never go out of date - a dedicated website provides updates on all the information contained in the book.

free books for kindleThe Genealogist's Internet (fiction)
Peter Christian (Author)
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Print List Price: £9.78
Kindle Price: £7.53
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Reviews from Amazon:
Once you begin to understand how to tackle mapping your family tree, you will quickly realise that you need to use the Internet.

This book is your invaluable guide - it tells you what is there, how to get it, what it costs and gives a very unbiased view as to quality.

I was very impressed by the range of material and the style of review - you do not see the author's preferences unless they made explicit, instead you get a sensible appraisal of the pros and cons of various sites and the options you need to consider before embarking on subscriptions that may end up not justifying their purchase.

I have found this a great companion on my journey into the past. 

There are many books on the subject of genealogy reference, so much so, it is a nightmare and a daunting experience as to which reference books to plumb for. Peter Christian, has produced such a book, that is written in plain English, for the beginner and more advanced genealogist. The book is chronological in format with the most uptodate references of internet resources and the record offices/agencies available. The book is non biased towards any agencies, but does point out the pitfalls of information submitted to the various sites, as not being accurate without being verified manually from record offices. Such information apparently goes unchecked and therefore, inaccuracies, occur in the compilation of genealogical compilations. This is something Peter Christian, quite rightly, points out. This in mind, Peter Christian has covered all aspects of the science of researching family history. A very well written reference book and one that every researcher of genealogy should have. I certainly recommend this book for persons looking to purchase on this subject!! 

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The Genealogist's Internet by Peter Christian download and review

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