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Nameless by Jessie Keane

Every time I buy a Jessie Keane I promise myself I will take my time. But no, who am I kidding?

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Growing up in the war-torn back streets of the East End, Ruby Darke, mixed-race and hated by her family, is determined not to become embroiled in a life of crime like her two brothers.

After a disastrous affair with Cornelius Bray, a handsome peer of the realm with dubious underworld connections, Ruby gives birth to illegitimate twins who are taken from her at birth: Daisy, born white, is taken to be raised in luxury by Cornelius and his wife, but the son is dark-skinned like Ruby and is taken by Ruby's brother, Charlie, to be ‘disposed of’.

Years pass, but still Ruby can’t forget her babies. Desperate to trace her son, Ruby forms an alliance with big-time crook Michael Ward, who says he can help her. But Ruby’s frantic efforts to be reunited with her son and daughter soon put her in the firing line of a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants . . .

free books for kindleNameless (fiction)
Jessie Keane (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:

I was truly engrossed from the very first few pages. Ruby Darke is a young girl with real spirit and you really get a feel for how she is treated in the 40's for being mixed race. Her family are nothing short of awful but it made me feel like I had to keep willing her on in my mind because she was such a likeable girl. Every few chapters there would be a slight time change and the years start to progress and we see how each passing year changes things for her.

We see some absolutely blinding characters emerge and they all form part of the story in different ways. Michael Ward is a pretty central character and I really liked him from the get go, along with many other characters that just add to the authenticity of the story. Jessie Keane has an uncanny knack of taking you back to that time and really making me feel like I could grasp a little more what the street s of London were like around the war. As the years progress I got more and more caught up in the story and as more shock twists were thrown in I wondered what on earth else could happen. One particular part of the ending shocked me (not impressed) but the other part had me shrieking towards the ending as I wanted to see what happens next.

All I can say is that Jessie Keane is a force to be reckoned with in the crime genre now. Not only has she produced a great series (Annie Carter) she has also written some absolutely blinding stand alones. With this latest addition, Jessie Keane is quickly proving herself to be un-stoppable. Nameless has only made me want to read more (I sincerely hope this is going to have a follow up!) and as usual Jessie Keane does not disappoint. BLINDING!!! 

This was the first book I had read by Jessie Keane and I must say I'm hooked already! Just download all her other books and can't wait to get started. A definately must read!! 

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Nameless by Jessie Keane download and review

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