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Just Boris by Sonia Purnell The real Boris Johnson

Just Boris by Sonia Purnell. A Tale of Blond Ambition. This will make uncomfortable reading for Boris Johnson!

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Meticulously researched and well presented' The Oldie 'Gives good pointers on Johnson's real beliefs as to who should be the Conservative Partys leader, and on his future relationship with Cameron.

Thoroughly researched and well-crafted ... If you want to know who and what Boris is, read Sonia Purnell's book.' Literary Review.

Before reading this book I had always thought of Boris as a loveable rogue, the Tory it was ok to like.

Filling a position Alan Clark held in the past and sometimes Ken Clarke as well. What comes across in Purnells excellent book is that Boris is more than just a bonkers cuddly bear type. He may act scatty but he's ruthless and deals sharply with people.

The underlying contempt he appears to have for "enemies " is significant.

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Reviews from Amazon:
Sonia Purnell's account of Boris Johnson's personality is the more devastating because her portrait seems to be so rounded and balanced, giving full credit to Johnson's remarkable gifts as well revealing his many character flaws. Here is a man with a razor-sharp intellect, considerable learning, great literary gifts, immense charm, charisma even, an ability to turn away wrath with his brilliant line in comical self-disparagement, a hugely engaging sense of humour, an amusing persona on television, and obviously "a character". All this has enabled him to survive episodes that would have sunk anybody else, has given him a degree of fame and popularity which eventually propelled him to becoming Mayor of London, and has made some people think that he might even one day become Prime Minister.

But, according to Purnell, this all conceals a ruthless streak of selfishness, ambition, sense of entitlement, thinking that ordinary rules do not apply to him, self-promotion, publicity-seeking, opportunism, slipperiness, unreliability, half-truths, lying and deceitfulness, disloyalty - not only to people who were no longer of any use to him, but also to his wife -, disorganization, financial stinginess, and at one time, in the "Guppygate" episode, even conniving in criminality.

All this is documented through Boris' career - from his complex family background (a genealogical table would have been helpful) through his Eton schooldays, through Oxford and his membership of the Bullingdon Club, through his work on the Daily Telegraph in Brussels and in London (particularly the influence of his eurosceptic columns with which he first made his name), through his work on the Spectator as columnist and later Editor, through his time as MP for Henley, his brief tenure of junior shadow posts, to his becoming Mayor of London.

The story is very well told and, for the most part, makes for excellent reading about an entertaining rogue. But towards the end, when he is Mayor of London, I began to wonder whether Sonia Purnell's linking him with everything that went wrong, especially in the Metropolitan Police, and her denigration of everything he did might not perhaps be a little excessive. I then looked her up on the internet, and found one website speaking of Johnson's "disparaging treatment of her" when, in her younger days, she had been his No.2 when he was the Daily Telegraph correspondent in Brussels. So perhaps we ought to bear that in mind when we read her book. 

But if even a fraction of what she says is true (and most of it is after all in the public domain), it is a remarkable phenomenon that such a man should have risen so far. Some of it she puts down to luck, some to the brilliant acts he puts on, but perhaps most of all to the fact that these days the public will forgive or ignore anything as long as it is being entertained. . .

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Just Boris by Sonia Purnell download and review

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