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The Lost Queen by Norah Lofts

Princesses are born to be exiled. What is the alternative? Spinsterhood?' 

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Princesses are born to be exiled. What is the alternative? Spinsterhood?' Thus the future of Caroline Matilda, youngest sister of George III, was settled - exile to a foreign country, and marriage to a nearly insane Crown Prince of Denmark.

Entreatingly prompted by a sense of foreboding, she begged that one of her sisters be sent in her place. But Caroline was the healthiest, the strongest of the English princesses, and as well as being exiled, princesses were meant to be brood mares.

Here is the life of Caroline Matilda set against the stark contrasts of 18th century Denmark; the cruelty, poverty and oppression of life under an absolute monarch sinking into madness;

and the hatreds and court intrigues that swirled around the young English girl who was Queen of Denmark.

The Lost Queen (fiction)
Norah Lofts (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
Although I, like many others, began reading this book due to it's risque reputation, I gained far more from it than I could have imagined. Connie's frustrations with the modern world and her desire for something better touched me, and echoed my own hidden feelings. Regardless of the manner of writing, the philosophical (some would say long-winded) side-tracking, and the sex that it is famous for, I enjoyed every page, every sentence...yes, every word. 

Any woman who says she cannot relate to Connie has either experienced nothing of nature or felt no yearn for love. As a 20 year old woman from the country who now lives in the town, I was entranced by the imagery of the landscape and the primal feelings it provokes within Connie, and indeed within myself. To any woman, or indeed, man: Read this book and you won't regret a page.
This is a delightful little gem, well presented and beautifully written. D.H.Lawrence's exquisite use of the English language has been (and still is by those of repressed intelligence) grossly misunderstood since he dared to tell it 'like it is' to a society very much in denial; people living a half-life of pseudo-modesty. 

Sadly, there'll always be the hypocrites, of course, plus the tabloid mentality brigade who are unable to perceive genius when they're presented with it; it's their loss. Do buy this lovely book, read, devour and enjoy it at leisure; let it's passionate honesty lift your heart to a better place.

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The Lost Queen by Norah Lofts download and review

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