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Self publishing your book on Amazon

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Self publishing your book on Amazon

Since the advent of the kindle and the move towards digital publishing, more and more people are writing books, in numbers that would have been unimaginable a few years ago.

Everybody supposedly has at least one book inside them. Now, if you get on and just write it, you can get it published and read by a global audience!

Some new authors have had some fantastic success.

The best selling Shades of Grey series by EL James may not be everyone’s cup of tea but has transferred from being a fan novel written about the Twilight series of characters, into an international phenomenon shortly going to film.

This series was first released on Kindle before transferring to traditional print.

Amazon makes it easy for authors to self publish. It is free and easy to do by joining their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) programme.

There is a 70% royalty programme, so you may find that your book nets you a good profit – especially if it takes off.

Many authors start their book off as a freebie at first, simply to test the water. This generates interest and gets customers talking about your book. Once your book proves popular, you can start charging for it.

From the readers point of view this system works well.

There have been some excellent novels given away free so it makes sense to keep an eye on the free kindle books on offer. 

Many of these books worth reading do not stay free for long.

However some authors like to leave a book free to generate interest for other work – and to get the reader interested in reading more of the series.

The Spying in High Heels series by Gemma Halliday and the Shayne Parkinson series “Promises to Keep” are good examples of enjoyable free books that introduce great series.

Many reviewers enjoy being part of the process and getting to read a great book first for free!

Although it is easier than ever before to publish your novel, you still have to sit down and write the thing! Many would be authors have found that it is not as easy as it seems and it can be upsetting seeing your hard work dismissed by an unsympathetic reviewer.

Despite this, Kindle and the e publishing phenomenon has created a whole new wave of writers, which has to be good news for everyone. Writing in certainly alive and kicking and more people read today than ever before.

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Self publishing your book on Amazon.

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