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Shakedown by Joel Goldman kindle free books

"Fast, furious, and thoroughly enjoyable...classic - and classy - noir for our time."

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When FBI Agent Jack Davis investigates a mass murder, a leak of crucial information plus his debilitating medical condition throw him into the ultimate danger zone, a place where truth lies at
the heart of betrayal.

It's a dark tale of mass murder and cold revenge as Jack and his colleagues track an unlikely killer... or two?       

This is the first book in Goldman's Jack Davis thriller series, and it's a blockbuster of a start to this runaway success of a popular series that has fans on the edge of their seats.

If you like the knock out suspense of Michael Connelly and Linda Fairstein's gritty 'who dunnits', you'll love Joel Goldman's Shakedown.

Need a thrill pill? Take Shakedown and stay up all night!

free books for kindleShakedown (fiction)
Joel Goldman (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
Shakedown was my first Joel Goldman mystery,but won't be my last. You will be inexorably drawn into the world of FBI agent Jack Davis,an unlikely protagonist with a tendency to shake at the worst possible moment. 

The characters are compelling and the plot twists will keep you turning the pages through to the satisfying end. A warning to all true detective fans, you will not be able to stop. 

I immediately ordered The Dead Man, and since consuming that in an afternoon, am hungry for more. I guess I will have to satisfy my cravings by going back to his prior series until he cranks out the next Jack Davis thriller.
Jack Davis is an FBI Special Agent in Kansas City. His wife is divorcing him and has already moved most of the furniture out of their house. Their only remaining child, Wendy, is out on her own and dating Colby, an FBI agent who is undercover - something Jack finds very risky. And now someone is systematically killing the crack dealers that Colby is involved with - and there are few clues.

In the middle of one crime scene, Jack suddenly gets the shakes and loses sight of a possible suspect. He is put on administrative leave and knows he's one step from his career being over - unless he can solve the crime. But officially he's off the case and without the resources that he is used to having.

He knows the suspects, he has questions, but no answers, and he has help from some unlikely friends, including a Kansas City Police detective and a psychologist who specializes in jury consulting and micro expressions - tiny fleeting facial movements that most people can't see, but that enable her to read people like a book.

Goldman does a wonderful job of painting characters that you can care about - including some of the people that end up being villains. His descriptions of Kansas City will make you feel as though you lived there. The ethical and psychological dilemmas he has given Jack Davis, including those surrounding the abduction and death of his son some years earlier, will have you feeling the same emotions of helplessness, anger, commitment, and hope that Jack does.


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Shakedown by Joel Goldman kindle free books download and review

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