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Monday to Friday Man by Alice Peterson

The story makes pretty easy reading with plenty of free-flowing dialogue
Monday to Friday Man by Alice Peterson free books for kindle
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What do you do if you're 34, single and recovering from being jilted two weeks before your wedding day? This is the dilemma Gilly Brown finds herself in. While friends are marrying, having children and moving into the depths of the countryside, Gilly finds herself alone in London and holding on to her fractured family with their tragic past. It's time to meet new people.

So, she decides to get a Monday to Friday lodger, and after a succession of alarming interviews finally finds the perfect one in the shape of handsome reality television producer Jack Baker. Gilly falls for Jack's charm and is transported into an exciting social whirlwind of parties, dining out and glamour.

When Jack is introduced to Gilly's family and friends, it's only the attractive and eccentric Guy, the newest recruit to her dog-walking group, who isn't quite so convinced about Jack's intentions. As Guy watches them grow closer, his suspicions of Jack and his feelings for Gilly deepen. Is Jack so perfect after all... and what exactly does he get up to at the weekends? to them.

Monday to Friday Man by Alice Peterson free books for kindleMonday to Friday Man (fiction)
Alice Peterson (Author)
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Kindle Price: £1.99 
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Reviews from Amazon:
I loved this book! I've read Alice Peterson's previous books and really enjoyed them all and this one didn't disappoint. Alice writes with humour and light hearted wit about Gilly Brown's adventures with her dog walking friends and many times I found myself laughing out loud. 

The characterisations are vividly written and you really get a picture of the dog walkers and their daily meetings in the park. I also enjoyed the Monday to Friday lodger side to the story and could picture the smooth talking Jack Baker. 

I thought the sub plot of Megan, Gilly's younger sister, was written with great sensitivity and gave the book, and Gilly's character, an extra depth that so many other books of this genre simply don't have. 

You feel you really go on a journey will Gilly and really care about her what happens to her in the end which, for me is always the sign of a good book.

I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a fun, witty and feel good read. It had something of a Bridget Jones feel, but I was incredibly moved by it too, and felt slightly bereft when I'd finished it.
This book was a joy to read. It had sad and funny parts all mixed together, but the story line was so good you wanted to get to the end, if only to see what happens to GIlly, the dogs and the rest of the characters.

Well worth the time and money. Will be buying more of this author in the future.
I bought this for Kindle mainly because it had positive reviews and was 20p. Actually for 20p, it was worth it. But although the story line was fairly good, if a bit "modern romantic single in London" fodder, it was intrusively badly edited. I felt like getting my red pen out. Jokes were repeated, whole chunks of text copied and pasted as a summary, even though the action had just happened. With a good ruthless edit this might make a decent summer read 

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Monday to Friday Man by Alice Peterson kindle free books download and review

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