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What’s free and what’s not on kindle free books?

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What’s free and what’s not on kindle free books?

You can find many free books on Amazon and Kindle free books aims to link as many of these to you as possible. However, in contemporary fiction, prices can go up as well as down and just because a book is free on one day, does not mean that it stays free for long.

Loosely, free books fall into two categories.

Books that are in the public domain. These are books where the copyright has expired. Copyright usually lasts 70 years after the death of the author so these books are usually classic or vintage fiction or vintage non-fiction.

Books in the public domain are often available at any time from project Gutenberg. However, it is much easier for the kindle user if they become available on Amazon. This is because you can download them straight to your kindle without having to pick them up via your computer and USB port or having to mess around with sending them by email.

Kindle free books sources the latest classics and vintage books to become available on Amazon and sends you a direct link for instant download. Kindlefree books is constantly adding new titles to the catalogue so you do not even have to search Amazon for inspiration.

If you want to catch up on the classics, read unusual old fiction or non-fiction on a range of topics, Kindle free books is a one-stop shop for interesting free reads

Jules Verne, the Bronte Sisters, Jane Austen, the Moonstone, Moonfleet, Vanity Fair, Mrs Beaton and the Great Gatsby are just some of the classic authors and titles available free from kindlefreebooks and Amazon

New contemporary fiction is also available free

New contemporary fiction is also available free but these offers do not always last for long. Publishers and independent authors often open a Limited time Offer to generate publicity for their new book or author so good titles can be available free of charge or at a very reduced price.

Sometimes these offers can run for a week, in other cases just a day or a few hours. In some cases, an author or publisher will release a free title to encourage people to try a series of books and this can be a great way of finding good authors and discovering a new series.

New authors often “try the water “and release their new book free of charge to generate customer reviews and feedback. Many of these go on to become successful so if you see something you fancy it is a good idea to download it for free. As well as saving you money, you get the satisfaction of picking up on a book before the rest of the crowd!

Kindle Free books aims to find the best titles and offers for you to download. In many cases, a free title will move to a low price – often less than 99p so it is a good idea to download the free book or low priced book once you receive the link.


What’s free and what’s not on kindle free books