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The Haunted House by Walter Hubbell kindle free books

The haunting began with the work of a poltergeist: little fires, voices, and rapping noises.

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In 1878, Esther Cox - a young woman who'd recently suffered a physical attack on her virtue in a small Canadian town, in an era when such things were unheard of - was beset by spirits.

Unseen hands set themselves on her; source less voices spoke to her. She wasn't the only one who saw or experienced these things, but she was at the centre of the phenomena.

The haunting began with the work of a poltergeist: little fires, voices, and rapping noises. But too soon it escalated to become...THE GREAT AMHERST MYSTERY

free books for kindleThe Haunted House (fiction)
Walter Hubbell (Author)
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Reviews from Amazon:
AI must admit that if you are not really into the paranormal you may not find this that interesting. Walter Hubbell was not a writer by trade and so this comes across as reportage. If you are into the paranormal whether seriously or just occasionally, then no doubt you would have heard of Esther Cox, it is still probably the most famous case of its type to come out of Canada.

Esther Cox claimed to have been nearly raped by a suitor, and then after that she started manifesting poltergeist activity around her. It was claimed that there were six ghosts haunting her. 

From things disappearing and then reappearing, to fires starting and lit matches falling from the ceiling, to the usual flinging of objects some would claim that this is definite paranormal behaviour. 

This tries to report what happened and what it was like in the house, sixteen people signed an affidavit claiming this book to be true, but this case has always courted more than its fair share of controversy.

I don't believe in ghosts, and after this book was printed, more was to come. This was a popular book at the time and Walter Hubbell took Esther 'on the road' where she spoke to theatre audiences about her experiences. 

Esther was also at one time accused of theft, which was later changed to arson, for which she did spend some time behind bars. It is interesting to note that after Esther had been imprisoned all ghostly activities stopped.
Written over a hundred years ago "The Haunted House" was the "Amityville Horror" of it's time and a best selling novel with the power to terrify. I'd be the first to admit that those days are long gone and I can't imagine anyone being scared or horrified by the contents of this little book but; if you're interested in paranormal activity it's worth a read especially when you consider it's supposed to be a "true" story. 

All of the events reported here surrounded a young woman, Esther Cox, who, after being attacked by her suitor, became so terrified by those events she slowly lost her mind, became "possessed" and the catalyst for some serious poltergeist activity. 

Many questioned Esther's story but plenty of witnesses came forward to validate her claims which gives them some credibility however; I remain sceptical mainly because of the huge array of different events which seem almost circus like in their entertainment value, almost as though they'd been choreographed or staged for an audience. 

"The Haunted House" has one major problem and that's age. Written to appeal to a different generation the book comes over as slow, difficult to read and, in parts, difficult to understand which is a shame because an update by a decent author could turn this into a best seller with no problem.

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The Haunted House by Walter Hubbell kindle free books download and review

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